Kunno is very affected by criticism on social networks and sought professional help

the tiktoker Kunno has been involved in different scandals same ones that have made him the target of harsh criticism that, according to what he said during an interview with the program ‘First Hand’, he decided to seek professional help and take therapies, since it was increasingly difficult to cope with the attacks against him.

He also recalled how it was that he reached the top of fame, since that 4K walk made him viral on TikTok and it was there that his life changed because his number of followers increased in a fascinating way, and since then he began to have important contracts , even this led him to participate in the most important catwalks in the world.

“It’s my dream, because they know that what really made me known was this 4K walk; to do it in my room in Monterrey being alone”.

He previously drew ridicule when he said he wants to sing at the Super Bowl since he’s not a “mere” tiktoker, but a celebrity.

Kunno is taking therapy

The influencer pointed out his life gave a radical change The personal life experiences made him suffer a lot

The influencer pointed out that after the blows, trips and falls that the criticism of social networks have left him for his controversial statements, he made him aware of the impact that his words can have.

“Of course I have to be aware of leaving them a message, of knowing what I want to teach them, and not being this arrogant person or someone who believed a lot, that fame rose.”

So he decided to take therapy to cope with everything he has experienced and be a more mature person, but above all, “to improve my person.”

Many users point out that ‘Daddy’ is the worst thing on the internet, since since he rose to fame, he has had a cocky attitude that many did not like and have pointed him out harshly.

What happened to Kunno?

Personal life experiences made him suffer a lot

The influencer made strong confessions during the interview with the Golden Scorpion, as he revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse when he was younger and this experience marked his life.

Despite everything, he has starred in various controversies on social networks, but recently, Kunno was accused of plagiarism for his song, since they claim that he copied the French artist “Je Sais Par Danser”.

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