Kuno Becker agrees to get vaccinated for fear of Paty Navidad happening to him

  • Kuno Becker ended up like Paty Navidad: giving in to the COVID pandemic!
  • The Mexican actor ran scared to get the vaccine when he did not even believe in it
  • Paty Navidad was infected with coronavirus and although she does not accept it, she is reported hospitalized

Kuno Becker swallows his words about COVID and although he did not believe in the coronavirus vaccine, he ran scared and admitted that he had to put it on thanks to what happened to his colleague Paty Navidad who is admitted to a hospital after becoming infected with the bug that brings the whole world ‘crazy’.

The Mexican actor recorded a video on his Instagram where he explains the reasons why he changed his mind and agreed to get the COVID vaccine, being that Kuno Becker was one of the detractors of the pandemic like Paty Navidad who is currently hospitalized in a hospital.

Kuno Becker swallowed his words about the COVID vaccine

Kuno Becker went to get the vaccine
Instagram: El Gordo y la Flaca

The Instagram of the program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, shared the video of Kuno Becker where he is seen from nature dressed in black and being honest about what he changed his mind regarding the pandemic and the issue of the COVID vaccine, whose Delta variant is again ascending cases worldwide.

“I had been putting off the vaccine for some time because of a fool because there is no excuse … I fully understand the decision of each person but there are more risks of not putting it on than of putting it on, so I was postponing the decision for a fool …”, began by saying the Mexican actor.

The case of Paty Navidad with COVID, scared Kuno Becker

Kuno Becker terrified by the COVID of Paty Navidad

The actor Kuno Becker refused to get the vaccine until he realized that Paty Navidad, one of the main detractors who claimed that the pandemic did not exist or that it was part of a global plan to control humanity, ended in the hospital with coronavirus:

“… Until today something in me changed … And I confess that what made me go to put it on at that moment and stop postponing it, was that I gave Paty Christmas,” Kuno Becker continued assuring with all the seriousness in the world. his experience and the change of position he had.

Afraid? Kuno Becker alarmed by the contagion of COVID from Paty Navidad, accepted the vaccine

Kuno Becker COVID

Could it be that the actor was scared by what happened with the Mexican actress who, rather than calling the COVID-19 tragedy a pandemic, called a ‘plandemic’? This was confirmed: “I do not know why but when I found out that Paty herself gave Christmas … I said: ‘if Paty gave Christmas, today I pricked them … I’ll put them on,” he said.

Although Kuno Becker did not say he did not believe in the vaccine, because according to his words he was postponing it, the experience of his colleague, the actress admitted to a hospital, made him see reason: “… Today I pricked them… I put them on, that is, it’s over , no postponement one more day, I went, I put it on, I put the first dose, here it is… ”, he explained.

You already have the first dose against COVID

Paty Navidad hospitalized for COVID

“I took the first dose of Pfizer … I wish him a speedy recovery (to Paty Navidad) and that it is only the scare because he is getting worse” … ended the video of Kuno Becker before the impact of people who could not believe that he would change of opinion on their position in the face of the pandemic and expressed their opinion:

“Haven’t you heard that people with the two doses have died?” I’m going to put it on because I don’t need it … also vaccinated people have lost their lives and have looked bad, I don’t even wear that crazy but I respect who decides to put it on but never to persuade someone to put it on “,” So less he recognizes it. But there are still many like Paty Navidad and her beliefs ”, they began to write.

People are divided over the COVID vaccine

Kuno Becker vaccine

More people commented on the change of position of Kuno Becker in the face of the COVID vaccine in the case of Paty Navidad: “If Paty gave us, imagine that we are simple earthlings”, “This is how you have to be aware of the same, you have to take care of yourself and use a mouth cover “,” Fear does not ride a donkey “,” It’s good that he put it on! But as someone else said you have to keep using the mouth cover or mask! Because still vaccinated you can get it ”.

“But as if she were not going to be infected with or without a vaccine”, “Fear does not ride a donkey …”, “Excellent decision”, “We will see what she says later”, “Bravo …! It’s good that you put it on, this is not a game …! ” this was what he needed to realize that this is not a mess, people die from this virus … God give you the health you deserve ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF KUNO BECKER

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency for COVID: she was admitted to the hospital

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: she was admitted to the hospital
Photo: Twitter

What happened that I did not think would happen! It has become known to the media that actress Paty Navidad is going through a rather delicate state of health, after testing positive for Covid-19. She claimed that no such virus existed, so there was nothing to fear.

According to the media, the actress was transferred to a hospital in Mexico City, with the help of ERUM agents (Emergency Medical Rescue Squad) due to the poor condition she presented. Therefore, when this news was published, on social networks they began to mention that “it was the consequence of not believing in the coronavirus.”

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: “It was very bad”

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: "It was very bad"
Photo: Twitter

A couple of hours ago, the news that the soap opera actress and participant of MasterChef CelebrityPaty Navidad had been admitted to a hospital in Mexico City, due to the fact that her health deteriorated considerably, so she had no other options.

“Her health has been greatly affected, so that early this Tuesday she had to be admitted to an emergency hospital in Mexico City,” presented the Mexican magazine TV Notes, since a couple of days ago it was reported that there was tested positive for one of the Covid-19 tests, which managed the production of MasterChef Celebrity, Mexico. Filed Under: Paty Christmas Hospitalized Emergency Kuno Becker Gets Vaccine

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: The news has not been confirmed

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: The news has not been confirmed
Photo: Twitter

According to the information presented by the media, the Mexican soap opera actress is in a critical state of health; In the first reports that the entertainment magazine mentions, it is mentioned that Christmas needed support to breathe, so that his admission could end in intubation.

“They confirm that an ERUM unit (Emergency and Rescue Squad) had to go to her home to take her to the hospital, since she was going very badly and she even needed intubation to support her breathing,” said the magazine. a couple of hours. This diagnosis, which is not favorable for the actress, counteracts the statements she gave on social networks days ago. Filed Under: Paty Christmas Hospitalized Emergency Kuno Becker Gets Vaccine

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: Kuno Becker gets the vaccine

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: She is criticized on social networks
Photo: Twitter

Although it has not transpired more than a couple of hours that the unfortunate news was released, both the actress and her team have not given statements about the situation. Therefore, it is expected that the situation he is going through will soon be confirmed or denied; if true, his speedy recovery is only expected.

So far, the only information that is known is that their Instagram and Twitter accounts were closed, since it is considered that their way of thinking is incorrect and that in these times of pandemic, they are only creating a thought of panic and misinformation among her followers, as some of them believe what she thinks of the disease is correct. Filed Under: Paty Christmas Hospitalized Emergency Kuno Becker Gets Vaccine

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: “The Covid is not a joke”

Paty Navidad hospitalized emergency: "Covid is not a joke"
Photo: Instagram

Quickly the news of his state of health spread like wildfire on different social networks, where Internet users have not hesitated to express their feelings towards the news. Although most criticize her, because she always proclaimed that the Coronavirus did not exist, many others wish that she would soon get better and be able to get out of this unfortunate situation.

While it is known if the news that circulates is real or not, several have remembered the phrases that the actress put on her social networks, mentioning that these are the consequences of not obtaining the vaccine against Covid-19, for which they make a call to the inhabitants and followers of Christmas, mentioning that they are prudent and avoid more infections. Filed Under: Paty Christmas hospitalized emergency Kuno Becker gets vaccinated. Some images of this note come from the following video

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