Kwame Brown falls on Dwyane Wade’s daughter for her dress to honor Kobe Bryant

Dwyane Wade (l), Zaya Wade (c) and Gabrielle Union in a photo taken in March 2020.

Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

The controversy in the world related to the NBA explodes. On January 26, two years have passed since the unfortunate death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and the tributes did not wait long.

One of them was carried out by Zaya, the 14-year-old trans daughter of retired Dwyane Wade. The girl has a talent for fashion so she made a dress, a tribute with Kobe’s number 8 jersey. Although it may seem like a harmless tribute, this has not pleased another former player such as Kwame Brown, who shared with Bryant in the Los Angeles Lakers for several seasons.

“I’m not saying I have anything against homosexuals, but Kobe was a straight man. Why do they honor him by turning his sweater into a dress? Wear his damn sweater on his day to honor him, without turning it into a dress, ”said a frantic Brown through his program bust life which streams on YouTube.

Later, Kwame insinuated that Wade could not do anything because his wife rules his house and not him: “You are letting your wife control your house,” he said.

By way of clarification, who was a prominent pivot in the NBA reaffirmed that he has nothing against the LGBTQI + community, but that in his opinion Kobe was heterosexual and should not be linked to that current, the latter he said with a slightly chauvinist

“Please don’t show our black brother in this way. This is not an offense to anyone. He was a straight man with a wife and a family. There is no reason for this (various fashion) to be related to Kobe Bryant at all.”

At the moment D-Wade has not responded to Brown’s accusations against his daughter Zaya’s clothing, although he did show his support by sharing the Instagram post in his stories.


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