Kyiv has an excessive number of UFOs in the sky, according to a government report

In recent months, Ukraine has been experiencing heavy air traffic. Nothing strange, considering that the country has been mired in war since Russia invaded Ukrainian territory on the morning of February 24, 2022.

However, astronomers and scientists in the country claim to have discovered that the skies over Kyiv are home to more than just Russian aircraft: an inordinate number of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), according to a new paper published by the Main Astronomical Observatory of Kyiv in coordination with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

“We see them everywhere,” the research says. “We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is unclear,” the paper adds.

The report, published on, and not yet peer-reviewed, does not explicitly mention warfare. However, the United States has long suggested, conjectured, and warned that certain UFOs might be state-of-the-art equipment “deployed by China, Russia, another nation or a non-government entity,” reads a 2021 report from the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

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Two types of UFOs: cosmic and ghost

The scientists divided the phenomenon they observed into two different categories: Cosmics and Phantoms, Vice reports. “We observed that Cosmics are luminous objects, brighter than the sky background. We named these craft after birds (swift, hawk, eagle),” the paper says. “Phantoms,” meanwhile, are high-contrast objects with “a completely black body that does not emit and absorbs all radiation falling on it,” they stated.

To arrive at the sightings and these conclusions, Ukrainian astronomers monitored fast-moving, low-visibility objects in the daytime sky over Kyiv and surrounding towns. Specifically, they used specially calibrated cameras at two weather stations in Kyiv and Vinarivka, a town about 120 kilometers south.

UFOs ‘cannot be scientifically identified.’

Astronomers observed dozens of objects “that cannot be scientifically identified as known natural phenomena,” according to the report. They also stated that UFOs are very fast, and it is very difficult to take photographs.

“We have developed a special observation technique, taking into account the high speeds of the observed objects,” said the researchers, who did not speculate on what these UFOs might be. Rather, their paper focuses on the methods and calculations used to detect the objects.

“The exposure time was chosen so that the object image would not shift significantly during the exposure. The frame rate was chosen by taking into account the object’s speed and the camera’s field of view. In practice, the exposure time was less than 1 ms, and the frame rate was not less than 50 Hz,” they said.

Ghost objects can travel at speeds of up to 53,000 km/h.

By comparing observations from the two participating observatories, in Kyiv and Vinarivka, the researchers estimated that the ghosts are between 3 and 12 meters wide and can travel at speeds of up to 53,000 km/h. By comparison, an intercontinental ballistic missile can reach speeds of up to 24,000 km/h, according to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

Although the obvious explanation remains that these are missiles, rockets, or other war-related items, scientists maintain that their nature is “unclear.” However, they do not raise the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors.

Perhaps the answer to the mystery may be provided by an ODNI report, which gives other possible explanations for “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAP, as U.S. government agencies call UFOs.

Among the possibilities stipulated by the report – which also does not raise the possibility that they are extraterrestrials – are “aerial clutter,” such as birds and balloons; atmospheric phenomena, such as ice crystals; or classified government projects, Live Science reports.

Whatever these UFOs may turn out to be, the Ukraine paper is particularly noteworthy because it not only shows that the science has continued to occur during the war but also explains that there have been many sightings.

Renewed interest in UFOs

Public interest in UFOs has increased again in recent years. Especially by the U.S. Department of Defense recently said it has detected some “clearly man-made” flying objects of unknown origin, which it said could pose a danger.

Recently, the government, which declassified some footage, revealed more military footage of UAP encounters, although the Defense Department will not release it due to “national security concerns.”