Kyle Kuzma and his great streak with the Wizards after leaving the Lakers

For 4 seasons, Kyle kuzma It was one of the young projects of the Los Angeles Lakers for the future of the franchise. His arrival at the Yellows a year after Brandon Ingram’s, coinciding with the retirement of Kobe Bryant, allowed the Angelenos to work with a young and talented point guard who could display his talents and carve out a niche in the league.

But the project took a 180º turn with the landing of LeBron James. Kuzma had 18.7 points in his second season, LeBron’s first with the Lakers and even with a greater scoring display than Ingram. Then Anthony Davis would arrive, Ingram would go to the Pelicans to establish himself in the NBA and Kyle would have the difficult mission of asserting himself in a team with two superstars.

The step to the bench and the loss of titles diminished the numbers of Kuzma that fell to 12.8 points in the year of the Lakers ring. In the playoffs, his numbers dropped even more and despite being a regular resource in rotations, he couldn’t find the necessary success to open the field. The following season, with more minutes, more starts and more shots … his performance did not improve. His time in Los Angeles seemed finished and the transfer of Westbrook took him to Washington. Time to show your potential.

While Brandon Ingram’s change of scene heading to the Pelicans allowed him to confirm himself as a voracious scorer and ready to jump to the next level, Kuzma’s first few months showed no improvement. With more than 30 games played and as a second scoring option after Bradley Beal who had dropped from 31 points to 24 on average, Kuzma was still anchored at 12.7 points on average, tracing his numbers from previous seasons with the Lakers. Something had to change.

And then, after three games without reaching 10 points, the shots began to come in. Double-double against the Knicks, double-double against the Sizers and 7 consecutive games without dropping the 21 points scored. The last meeting, a historic 20-20. It had been 25 years since a Wizards player had signed such a game (Chris Webber in 1997).

His stockings have skyrocketed. In the last 7 games he is the 13th in points of the entire NBA (26.3) and the only one of that top 15 that does it averaging more than 11 rebounds (12.1). His ability to stay above 50% in field goals (51% in this 7-game streak) may depend on his scoring averages since the subject of the triple is still pending.

This is how their numbers have evolved in the NBA:

Has the time come Kyle Kuzma?

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