Kylian Mbappé on Real Madrid: Since I was 14 years old I have dreamed of wearing his shirt

Kylian Mbappé renewed with PSG until 2025.


The renovation of Kylian Mbappe It has been a bucket of cold water for him real Madrid and his fans who were sure until the last moment that the Frenchman was going to accept the proposal of the meringues. In fact, they gave him a warm welcome at all times when he visited the Santiago Bernabeu in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

However, the star striker chose to say yes to Paris Saint-Germain with a contract for three more seasons and with a record that will be one of the highest in European football. In addition to being, once again, the leader of the sports project in the hands of Leo Messi Y Neymar Jr.

This Monday, in his formal act to stamp his signature on his new contract, Mbappe He wanted to dedicate a few words to all Madrid fans who have shown their great disappointment at the Frenchman’s decision not to sign for him Real Madrid.

“I want to thank you, I have worn your shirt since I was 14 years old, I always dreamed of that. I hope you understand my decision, I understand your disappointment, but I’m French and I want to stay here and win titles here.” Kylian Mbappe commented.

“I have a lot of respect for Madrid and I thank them for all their effort. They have done everything possible to make me happy and I am grateful to them. I have learned to look right in front of me, today I sign a new contract and I hope it is my best choice. It’s a new era and I don’t know what will happen in the future. I don’t know what will happen in three years.”added the French.

It is important to highlight that the real Madrid He has had an interest in the Frenchman since his time at Monaco, although at that time he decided not to accept the proposal after thinking that it was not yet the time. Now, after a new no; We would be talking about two rejections of such an important and historic club.

In addition, Florentino Perez He had worked on his signing for a couple of years. In fact, his only big investment was Eden Hazard in order to have enough portfolio to be able to assume your file and also, the transfer premium.

In addition, the president of the merengues offered him the keys to the new sports project and the new Santiago Bernabeu. His arrival was scheduled to be just like that of the galactics or something close to that of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now, the French will remain united to the Paris Saint-Germain until June 2025 and it will only be necessary to wait season after season to know what he will want for the course of his career in football on the old continent.

What is clear is that the level of disappointment is so great in the environment of the real Madrid and in the Madridistas who would no longer like the French attacker to finally wear the merengue shirt at some point in his career.

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