Kylian Mbappé. What obstacle could prevent Real Madrid from signing you?

Rumors have long since Real Madrid will end up taking Kylian Mbappe they could plummet from one moment to the next now that one of the great obstacles to their success has been revealed. signinghere we give you the details!

On AmericanPost.News We reveal that in June 2022 it will be known whether the French player will leave PSG or renew his contract, which is why for now many clubs such as Liverpool and others have shown interest in signing them before he is released.

Previously we told you when he denied rumors; however, now we will tell you why this Parisian could leave the meringues out of his options.

Kylian Mbappé and what he could lose if he goes to Real Madrid

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Although very surely the French player’s salary would be a millionaire sum if he becomes part of the merengue squad, the reality is that he could stop earning more money than he now pockets, and it seems that Kylian earns a fortune with the use of his image, something that he could stop perceiving if he goes to the Spanish club.

The reason why the footballer would put aside his extra earnings is that Real Madrid is known for seizing 50 percent of the image rights of its players, something that would not suit Donatello, who is one of the players. most requested in marketing and that of course he would have to give up half of his income in this area to the merengue team and he could not like that.

Although things are not clear about the future of the Frenchman, what is known to be on the negotiating table is that, if he accepts, he will not cede 50 percent of his image rights to the Spanish team, he will have to be less, so that now the meringues will have to think of a strategy to get away with it, will they succeed?

How many goals does Mbappé have?

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He has 236 goals, 183 in the clubs and 53 in the French National Team.

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