Kylie Jenner receives an exclusive $100,000 bag for her birthday

25 years are not fulfilled every day, but Kylie Jenner has preferred to celebrate this milestone in privacy with a trip to an exotic place to enjoy the sun aboard a yacht in the company of her closest friends.

The fact that she did not want to organize a party in style like the one her older sister Kendall had when she reached the quarter century does not mean that there have not been expensive gifts from the guests to accompany her on her secret getaway.

One of the most special gifts she has received was the idea of ​​her mother Kris Jenner, who has surprised her with an exclusive Hermes bag valued at one hundred thousand dollars, of which only three have been made in the whole world.

Of course, the young businesswoman recorded the moment she unwrapped the package to discover the brand’s characteristic orange box, which already gave her a view of what was inside.

“Is beautiful! She’s never seen anything like it before,” Kylie exclaimed as soon as she saw it, and it’s not easy to get a fashion collector like her excited. Coincidentally, her bag matched the sneakers she was wearing at the time, so surely that also helped her get even more excited.