“La Bebeshita” confessed how many cosmetic surgeries she underwent and what they cost her

The influencer rose to fame for her participation in “Enamorándonos” (Photos: Instagram / @ alexissoy)

Daniela alexis, better known as “La Bebeshita”, confessed to how many cosmetic surgeries has been committed and how much money invested in them. The conductor of Come the Joy Weekend commented that, until now, she was intervened in eight times and the total price was around 800 thousand Mexican pesos.

“La Bebeshita” specified what her aesthetic touches have been. “Let’s count them. We carry, booty transfer, twice), two lipos, two boobies. Well, one was because there was an emergency, you know, right? One of nose, chin and cheek“Recalled the also influencer.

While the driver Rafa Serdán pointed out that he counted more than eight, it is probable that some of these have been carried out on the same date. In addition, Daniela Alexis mentioned that she uses Botox and other cosmetic procedures, but cataloged them as “normal.”

It was Olga Mariana, also part of Come the joy in its weekend broadcasts, which directly questioned how much money it has invested. “About 800 thousand or 700 thousand”, Daniela’s answer caused the amazement of the recording forum.

“The truth is that I’ve already gotten fat, let’s see if nine is coming”, the former competitor of MasterChef Celebrity. Before concluding the segment, “La Bebeshita” was compared with the celebrities of the Kardashian family, who have become popular for their multiple cosmetic surgeries.

On Come the Joy weekend some photographs of Daniela Alexis were presented before your cosmetic surgeries in 2016. The drivers joked about their radical change by mentioning: “Hey, isn’t she your cousin?”

Bebeshita came back falling in love
Daniela Alexis made an appearance in the second stage of “Enamorándonos” (Photo: Instagram / @ enamorandonostv)

In addition, “La Bebeshita” was sincere when saying that she used pants push up, that is to say, they lift their butt. “I’m telling you the truth,” he recalled his past before entering the now-defunct program. Falling in love where it gained popularity and relevance.

Daniela Alexis presented a capsule for Come the joy on what it’s like to be injected with hyaluronic acid on the lips and other areas of the face. Javi Derma, an expert in skin treatments, mentioned that there is no type of risk if the correct tools are used.

(Photo: La Bebeshita's Instagram)
Daniela Alexis classified as “normal” being injected with Botox (Photo: Instagram / @ alexissoy)

In the audiovisual presented, the influencer She acknowledged that being anesthetized to her face did not cause her greater pain. The doctor in question stated that the interventions were carried out in less than an hour.

“Apply Aristeo, because these lips are not just any”, concluded Daniela Alexis in relation to the alleged romance she had with the Exatlón athlete during the recordings of MasterChef Celebrity.

Rumors have been sparked that Aristeo Cázares and Daniela Alexis they maintain a relationship beyond friendship. The two agreed on the reality of TV Azteca’s kitchen, as well as in the Saturday and Sunday version of the morning Come the joy.

aristeo and the baby
Internet users have made several memes in reference to the rumors (Photo: Twitter)

Seeing them constantly together, the followers of both television celebrities stood out with comments such as: “It seems to me that ‘La Bebeshita’ and Aristeo are already dating”, “You are not fooling me, they start to like each other”, “They would make a beautiful couple”.

However, and despite the retired comments of the influencer, neither of them has confirmed these rumors. Despite this, both drivers continue to be quite close and affectionate.

babieshita and aristeo
It is not the first time that celebrities unleash rumors about a possible romance (Photos: Instagram / @ masterchefmx)

“La Bebeshita” participated in MasterChef Celebrity and his departure was one of the most emotional. “She is a woman who wants to learn who she wants to be. It is not fair that I stay “, were the words of Laura Flores, who emerged triumphant from the elimination duel with the influencer.

After his elimination, Daniela Alexis returned to the reality to make up for the absences that occurred after a supposed outbreak of COVID-19 within the production of the program. The driver efficiently supplied Paty Christmas, the latter is still in competition.


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