La Bebeshita confirmed to her followers that she will open an OnlyFans account

The presenter of “Come the Weekend Joy” surprised his loyal followers, because The Bebeshita revealed that for him New Year 2022 will open an account of OnlyFans, so there are many surprises for next year; the famous one will be released on the platform which caused reactions from users.

The unexpected declarations of the presenter of TV Azteca They left their followers in shock, as Daniela Alexis confessed that she will open her account to generate extra income, due to the popularity she has achieved after being part of the program “MasterChef Celebrity”, where he unveiled his talent in the kitchen.

Previously in AmericanPost.News We share that the driver revealed how she looked before and what surgeries she underwent. The drastic change of the presenter has caused a furor in social networks, due to this she has achieved more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

La Bebeshita will open OnlyFans account in New Year 2022

TV Azteca host will open her OnlyFans profile Daniela Alexis became famous in “Enamorándonos”

The influencer confessed that her OnlyFans account will not be as hot as that of other celebrities in the middle of the show, she will try to show sensuality without the need to be so explicit. On the other hand, she was questioned if she would agree to pose for a men’s magazine and revealed that she would.

It is worth mentioning that the surprise caused various reactions, there are those who want to see the presenter with sensual photos, others criticize her and say that she is desperate for money. At the moment he has not revealed the date he will open his profile or what the subscription cost will be to see exclusive content.

Who is La Bebeshita?

Daniela Alexis became famous in “Falling in love”

Daniela Alexis became known on television in the program “Enamorándonos”, a project that was hosted by Carmen Muñoz. It was in 2016 when the influencer arrived as an arrow to conquer a lover. Since then she has managed to captivate the public and was part of the love affairs for several years.

After the popularity she achieved, she decided to change her physique and underwent several cosmetic surgeries, even on the TV Azteca program they shared the before and after of La Bebeshita, which caused several comments from Internet users, who assured that she was the spark of the program.

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