Will Gaby Espino and Sebastián Caicedo join La Casa de Los Famosos?

The public found signs in Gaby Espino's stories that have been taken as indications that she will enter La Casa de Los Famosos. This week we will find out how right the fans of the Telemundo reality show are.

Last Sunday’s gala announced that two new participants would enter La Casa de Los Famosos to replace the unexpected departures of Aristeo Cázares and Monique, who left the competition voluntarily. For this reason, many fans began to place their bets on the names and surnames of the new inhabitants.

For some reason, Gaby Espino‘s trip to Mexico -announced on her Instagram account- has led many to claim that Jencarlos Canela’s ex will be the new inhabitant of the show. Those close to the Venezuelan actress tell us that in the past, she said that the only way she would be part of a project like this would be as a host.

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The second name many mention is Sebastián Caicedo, the ex-husband of Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos.

It is unknown, for the moment, the day of this week when the two new inhabitants will be announced, nor do we have confirmation of the names mentioned above. For now, these remain among the strongest rumors of the public and perhaps among the favorites they would like to see as part of the project.

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The departure of Nicky Chavez lowered the intensity of the reality show. The drama and comedy now fall on Rey Grupero with his confabulations and the dissolved couple of Dania and Arturo Carmona. It is also believed that if the two new inhabitants enter today, they will most likely fall in nomination, as was the case of Manelyk González, who was nominated from her arrival until days before the grand finale in which she took second place.