La Casa de Los Famosos is looking for two new inhabitants for its third season, and they don’t have to be famous

Telemundo makes an important announcement through a press release, and that is that La Casa de los Famosos will open its doors again for a third season. But on this occasion, the production and at the request of the public is making important changes in terms of the selection of its inhabitants.

And it is that the celebrities are going to live, for the first time, with two people from the public, who will also have the opportunity to compete for the grand prize. Through the statement, the Hispanic television station says the following: “Telemundo is holding auditions for the third season of La Casa de los Famosos, which will open its doors to a man and a woman from the public to be part of the successful reality show that premieres in 2023.”

“The fans who are selected will join the group of celebrities who will live isolated from the outside world surrounded by cameras and microphones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to having the exclusive opportunity to win the grand prize in cash” .

All those who are interested in participating and joining the auditions know that the requirements are available through until Tuesday, November 15. But, what should all those who want to be part of this project do, they must first record a video in horizontal format of one to three minutes in which they explain why they want to be part of this competition in which they must live with famous personalities.

Ivonne Montero’s season has been the toughest

To date, season two in which Ivonne Montero became the winner has been the most difficult, and the bullying and harassment was very strong. So much so that those who once started as favorites fell out of favor in the public eye.

To this day, many of these celebrities still do not fully recover from what has been done and said in the reality show, and it is as Juan Vidal said, “everything is recorded” and so it remains on social networks, which do not let the most difficult moments die. hard that the singer and actress experienced at the hands of Nacho Casano and Daniella Navarro.

The house even saw how Toni Costa went from being an ally, to an enemy of Ivonne Montero, and it is that the last days, while she celebrated having reached the final with him and with Salvador Zernoni, they did not stop talking pests her.

But beware, despite everything, she herself said it to Laura Bozzo’s face at the time. “That’s why I won you,” said the singer and actress, a woman proud to be Mexican.

Over time, the public saw how some participants of The House of Famous 2 were losing their shape and were disfiguring themselves to thus become the greatest villains that this reality show has seen, to date.

In the end, Nacho Casano was right, Ivonne Montero had the mental integrity that no one else achieved, because even though no one wanted her in the final, she not only arrived and stood her ground, but also won before everyone’s gaze.

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