‘La Casa de Papel’: Netflix confirmed that Berlin, the character played by Pedro Alonso, will have its own spin-off series

Pedro Alonso will play his Berlin character in the spin-off series ‘La Casa de Papel’.

Photo: Gabriel Bouys / Getty Images

It is unquestionable that ‘The Money Heist’ has become one of the best series of Netflix worldwide, an admirable Spanish production that could cause a stir on the streaming service platform when it premiered in 2017.

Sadly, the series will say goodbye to the Netflix catalog on December 3 with the launch of part 2 of the fifth season; However, the adventures of the most famous band of robbers in history seem not to end yet, or at least that is what Pedro Alonso, who played Berlin, left to understand.

The character from Berlin has earned the affection and admiration of all fans since the series’ premiere in 2017. Andrés de Fonollosa may have died in the initial seasons, but the truth is that a large part of the scriptwriters continued to use Berlin through the use of flashbacks, showing us a new face of the character that users could not see in the first installments of ‘La Casa de Papel’.

The band of robbers will culminate its history on December 3 of this year; However, the great impact and boom of the Spanish series will not be completely over yet. Through social networks, Netflix confirmed that They will make the first spin-off series of ‘La Casa de Papel‘, which will star in Berlin and will premiere on the streaming platform in 2023.

At the moment the plot of this spin-off series is unknown, much less is it known if much of the cast of the series will appear in this new production. Pedro Alonso, who played Berlin, the older brother of The Professor, said that this new series was born thanks to the support of fans for many years, and also explained that having confirmed the first spin-off of ‘La Casa de Papel ‘is a wonderful moment.

This is a memorable moment because it’s the end of a cycle, but it is the beginning of another. This morning I was talking to Jesús (Colmenar, executive producer of the series) and told him that with this we are heading towards an unknown direction. But at the same time it will be just as beautiful and exciting as this one that is closing has been, ”added Pedro Alonso.

He also stressed that the adventure that the most famous band of robbers had starred has already come to an end, but another will begin soon. “This robbery comes to an end … but the story continues“,` The Berlin interpreter pointed out when announcing this news about the expansion of ‘La Casa de Papel’ with this new spin-off series.

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