La Chilindrina tested positive for COVID-19

The actress just turned 71 on December 22 (Photo: EFE / Photoamc) (Photoamc /)

The actress Marie Antoinette de las Nieves, recognized for her role as The chilindrina in the hit series El Chavo del 8, announced that it was positive for COVID-19.

Through his Instagram account, he published a statement on the night of December 29 to inform your followers, friends and family about the situation you live after catching this disease.

According to the post, he was careful all the time and followed the health recommendations to avoid contracting the diseaseBut no matter how strict she was about it, she ran a test that came back positive.

In addition, he noted that is kept in isolation at home, with mild symptoms, such as a cold, which are improving day by day, so he hopes to get out of this bitter drink soon.

“I feel good, I am at home, very calm and I am improving day by day. It seems as if he only had a common cold, nothing serious as they have posted out there”Wrote La Chilindrina.

La Chilindrina tested positive for COVID-19
(Photo: Instagram)

Finally, he took advantage of this digital space to send a message of affection and thanks, as well as a New Year’s greeting for all the people who have followed his career.

Immediately, fans of the actress wrote in the comment box various messages of support, greetings and wishes for recovery to help her heal in the best way as soon as possible.

His last posts were two Christmas videos dedicated to his fans. The first was aimed at its Brazilian audience. In perfect Portuguese The chilindrina wished all Brazilians an excellent Christmas and a happy New Year.

In his second video, already made in Spanish, He decided to send a warm greeting, very in his childish style, so that all his Instagram followers had a wonderful holiday season.

La Chilindrina wins the Guinness record for more than 48 years of character
La Chilindrina wins the Guinness record for more than 48 years of character (Photo: Twitter GWR Latam)

Who is La Chilindrina?

It should be noted that just a week ago, Marie Antoinette of the Snows celebrated his 71st birthday with his family, with whom he spent an endearing moment in a luxurious restaurant. “Celebrating as a family. Thank you God for all the blessings I receive, “wrote the actress next to a photograph in which she is seen smiling next to her children.

During all this time, she has been recognized for her character in La Chilindrina, but she is much more than that. He was born in Nayarit on December 22, 1950, but he grew up in La Lagunilla, a colony located northwest of Mexico City, where, at an early age, he showed interest in the arts.

At just three years old, she took her first step in this world by becoming ballet dancer. His screen debut It came when I was 7 years old, on the tape Thumbelina, released in 1957. It was there that, for the first time, he used a stage name.

Along with her acting career, she ventured into dubbing for television and film, a discipline that she continued to do in the future. He lent his voice for the animated film Ralph the devastating, too bent to “Bat girl” in the classic series of Batman; to Sonic lucero from The Jetsons; and it was the endearing “Invisible Woman” in the animation of The Fantastic Four from 1967.

De las Nieves met Roberto Gómez Bolaños in the 1960s. Their employment relationship grew to such a point that in 1973 she was the actress who gave life to her character La Chilindrina in the series El Chavo del 8. It was thanks to her own creation that at the beginning of november entered the Guinness World Records for having the longest and most extensive career playing the iconic child character for 48 years, since his career began to be counted since June 20, 1971.


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