La Chilindrina, through a video, denies that it is serious

Marie Antoinette of the Snow, known to the world for her character as La Chilindrina denies that it is serious, and through a video published on his social networks, he shows himself to make it clear that he is neither dying, nor did he die.

As we told you a few days ago, Marie Antoinette, despite the care, has coronavirus, being part of the millions of people around the world who fell under the contagious wave of Omicron.

She herself confirmed that she had tested positive for COVID-19, but through a statement she published on her social networks. And although it was clear that the symptoms were mild saying: “I feel good, I am at home, very calm and I am improving day by day. It seems as if he only had a common cold, nothing serious as they have published out there ”, the speculations and rumors began to point the other way.

To kill the rumor of his supposed seriousness or death, La Chilindrina, but in it, in María Antonieta, he recorded a video showing himself and bringing peace to his millions of fans:

“I want to thank you all because you have worried about me, my health and with this test it is more than enough for them to see that I am very well. I do not know where the gossip came from that I was dying, that I am seriously ill from COVID“, She began saying sitting inside her bed in Mexico City.

La Chilindrina continued detailing how the virus is transiting: “It is true, COVID hit me, but it is depending on how you feel and how you think it will give you. If you think you are going to be serious, you are going to get a serious one. I always I’ve been very positive, so I’m doing very well. The only thing I have is a little bit of the flu, I have not had discomfort, I have not had anything. Thanks to the press for being aware of me, thanks to my family, do not worry they still have an old lady for many years“, He concluded.



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