La Materialista and Carlos Eury Matos Celebrate Their Dream Wedding at El Embajador in Santo Domingo

Yameiry Josefina Ynfante Honoret and Carlos Eury Matos's lavish Santo Domingo wedding at El Embajador Hotel included famous guests.

In a recent exclusive event, Yameiry Josefina Ynfante Honoret, known as La Materialista, and businessman Carlos Eury Matos celebrated their union at El Embajador, a prestigious five-star hotel in Santo Domingo.

The couple, who got engaged last January, finally tied the knot in a ceremony that was both intimate and grand, hosting no more than 200 guests.

Star-Studded Ceremony

The nuptials were a spectacle of celebrity attendance, with entertainment figures like El Alfa, Andy Ventura, Dania Méndez, Jose Rodríguez with his wife, Raúl García, and Alan from the United States marking their presence. The event didn’t escape media attention, becoming a highlight in the entertainment news.

La Materialista se casó con Eury Matos tras comprometerse en enero pasado (Foto: People en Español)
La Materialista married Eury Matos after getting engaged last January (Photo: People en Español).

The Venue’s Special Significance

Choosing El Embajador as the venue wasn’t a mere coincidence. Matos had previously attended the wedding of musician El Alfa and his wife Alba Rosa there, which left a lasting impression. “I told her (La Materialista) the next wedding will be ours here. She didn’t believe her. We had been dating for days,” Matos shared, as reported by People en Español.

Despite the glamour, the wedding faced its share of last-minute hurdles, including a change in wedding planners. However, these challenges did not dampen the spirit of the occasion.

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Celebrity Guests and Witnesses

El Alfa, a close friend of the couple, attended the wedding, signifying his support and belief in their love. Dania Méndez, a former participant of “La casa de los famosos” and La Materialista’s colleague, served as the maid of honor.

La Materialista se casó en República Dominicana (Foto: People en Español)
La Materialista got married in the Dominican Republic (Photo: People en Español)

The Bride’s Fashion Statement

La Materialista’s wedding attire was a spectacle in itself. Her dress, described as a blend of her personal and stage personas, was the talk of the event. Remarkably, she changed into five different dresses throughout the day, each symbolizing a different aspect of the celebration. Her veil, long and intricately embroidered with lace, pearls, and crystals, was a masterpiece created by designer Suzelle Taveras.

According to People en Español, the creation of these dresses was a five-month endeavor, with final adjustments being made on the wedding day itself. This dedication to detail highlighted the importance of the day for La Materialista.

Yameiry Josefina Ynfante Honoret tuvo hasta 5 vestidos el día de su boda (Foto: People en Español)
Yameiry Josefina Ynfante Honoret had up to 5 dresses on her wedding day (Photo: People en Español).

A New Chapter Begins

After the festivities, La Materialista and Matos are set to embark on a well-deserved honeymoon, marking the start of their new journey together as a married couple. Congratulations to the happy pair on achieving their dream wedding!