La Prieta Linda Queta Jiménez appears as a ghost behind her daughter (PHOTO)

  • La Prieta Linda died of natural causes
  • Queta Jiménez died at 88 and now a chilling photo is revealed
  • Does the ghost of ‘La Prieta Linda’ appear behind her daughter?

The legendary Mexican singer and actress, emblematic of the golden cinema in Mexico Queta Jiménez, better known as ‘La Prieta Linda’ died a few days ago of natural causes and the Aguilar family dressed in mourning, as she was the sister of another legend, Flor Silvestre However, now a chilling photograph arises as a result of the famous woman’s departure.


Through the program ‘Ventaneando’ with Pati Chapoy, the sad news about the death of Queta Jiménez was released, who would have gone through health problems, typical of age in recent years, which was what reduced his physical condition and finally made her lose her life.

Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda, died of natural causes

La Prieta Linda Queta Jiménez
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Velia, Queta Jiménez’s daughter, confirmed the death of the singer in Ventaneando, and in dismay she specified: “I send you a kiss Pati, you have always been with us for so many years, you have passed so many beautiful things and these that you have not They are so nice but you have been with us ”, he began by saying.

“Well, we are sad, hurt, but you know what, we enjoyed it very much, the truth is that since my father left, we got together a lot, we spent the family together and we wish him a good trip and that everything is very nice … Afterwards The fact that my father died gave him a lot of desire to live and we went and traveled and dedicated ourselves to taking her wherever we could and I still have the satisfaction that I was able to enjoy it a lot… ”, commented the daughter of ‘La Prieta Linda’.

Does the ghost of Queta Jiménez appear in the middle of the funeral?

Windowing ghost

Hours after her death, funerals were held for La Prieta Linda and the Ventaneando program was present with the family of Queta Jiménez and her daughters Velia, Érika and Isabel who expressed sadness for the loss of the legendary singer, without waiting what his ghost? I was present:

“She was always a woman who valued her work and who married a journalist and was always very grateful to you (the journalists) who cared for her so much,” began one of La Prieta Linda’s daughters, however, no one expected that a ghostly apparition would be detected in the middle of the funeral.

Did the ghost of La Prieta Linda appear at her funeral?

Ghost La Prieta Linda

While the Ventaneando reporter was interviewing his daughters in front of the coffin at the funeral, a mysterious image that could well pass as ‘the ghost’ of La Prieta Linda, appeared behind his daughter as if it were engraved in the wood of the place where the they watched.

“The image that is seen behind the daughter of Prieta Linda” was a message that a twitterer named Shantal Yeni Barajas sent to the Ventaneando account on Twitter to alert about the ghostly face that apparently would be Queta Jiménez engraved in the wood of one of the columns of the funeral home.

Did the ghost of the legendary Mexican interpreter appear?

Queta Jimenez

Faced with the surprising image of the supposed face of La Prieta Linda behind one of her daughters at the funeral, people’s versions of the dramatic event did not wait: “They are details of the wood, right? It is like when one sees how the clouds form figures ”,“ The same is the case, the wood, the lines of the wood, the lights and shadows but we cannot avoid seeing a figure ”.

More people expressed their opinion about the supposed ghost of Queta Jiménez’s face on the wood: “Poor lady, I hope she rests in peace … That she is going to be taking care of nothing”, “It has not been said that it is the lady, the post says, the image that you see behind LA HIJA DE LA PRIETA LINDA ”,“ Her mommy is present she is taking care of her, she is an angel from heaven ”,“ How scary ”,“ It is just a face ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE INTERVIEW WITH THE DAUGHTERS OF LA PRIETA LINDA WHERE THE MYSTERIOUS FACE IS SEEN BEHIND

The legendary trajectory of Flor Silvestre’s sister

Queta Jimenez

A few months after the death of Flor Silvestre, mother of Pepe Aguilar, now the family is going through another painful loss, as the sister of Antonio Aguilar’s wife, the singer and actress Queta Jiménez, better known as La Prieta Linda, died this Tuesday, September 21.

According to reports from various media such as ‘El Heraldo de México’ and the journalist Joaquín López Dóriga, the family of the legendary singer and actress was in charge of confirming the painful news just a few months after the death of Flor Silvestre. .

Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda, died at the age of 88

La Prieta Linda dies

Just three months ago, the singer would have turned 88 years old and was celebrated in a big way by her family in a celebration also as a tribute to her career in the golden age of Mexican cinema, as well as for her long list of songs part of the ranchera music in Mexico.

According to media reports, the Televisa Espectáculos team contacted the singer’s family to verify the information about the death of Prieta Linda and confirmed the sad news without giving further details of what happened to the ranchero interpreter.

Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda had just turned two months ago

Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda

The death of Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda, happened on the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 21 and although the family did not give more details about the death, it has already emerged that it was due to natural causes and complications in the health of Flor Silvestre’s sister, who was 88 years old.

The important career of Queta Jiménez better known as ‘La Prieta Linda’ includes her performance in more than 30 Mexican films, as well as special appearances in legendary music, television and radio programs, as well as the recording of 50 albums, including one very important in honor of Juan Gabriel.

The family of Queta Jiménez, Flor Silvestre’s sister, is devastated by the death of ‘La Prieta Linda’

Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda

In addition to digital portals, the program Ventaneando con Pati Chapoy gave an account of the death of La Prieta Linda and they were able to interview Velia Vieyra Jiménez, daughter of Queta Jiménez, who gave some heartfelt words after the death of her beloved mother and said that the family is very sad:

“We are sad and hurt, but the truth is that after my father left, we spent it together, we enjoyed it very much (all as a family) … She made us want to live, we dedicated ourselves to traveling and taking a walk, we enjoyed it a lot”, were the brief statements of La Prieta Linda’s daughter.

The origins of ‘La Prieta Linda’

La Prieta Linda death

The trajectory of Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda, is enough with films and songs to his credit, such as ‘A thousand chains’, ‘Adiós amor’, ‘El quihúbole’ and ‘Al ver’, among others, however for Queta Jiménez The fact that ‘Clavillazo’ gave him his ‘identity’ meant everything because his stage name was born there.

María Teresa Enriqueta Jiménez Chabolla, was her full name, but Queta Jiménez began as her stage name, until Antonio Espino ‘Clavillazo’, legendary comedian and actor, nicknamed her ‘La Prieta Linda’, because on one occasion he told her “You are not neither brown, nor pretty, but that’s what they’ll tell you from now on ”, and the stage name came up.

Condolences for Queta Jiménez’s family, La Prieta Linda, appear

Queta Jiménez La Prieta Linda

Although the family asks for discretion to carry out the funeral services in peace and deal with their pain, the condolences on social networks for the descendants of Queta Jiménez, La Prieta Linda, did not wait: “May he rest in Peace”, “I am very sorry “,” May God have her in his holy glory. “

Meanwhile, other people recognized his career: “Rest in peace, a very good Mexican singer, one of those who no longer exist, those now shouting and shouting, gesticulating”, “Thank you Queta, Prieta Linda, a kiss to the Heaven “,” Doña’s sister. Flor Silvestre, right? “, Asked a person and a woman answered:” That’s right, Guanajuatenses the two RIPs. I think they didn’t get along well, I got to listen ”, expressed on Twitter by journalist Joaquín López Dóriga.