“La Tigresa” with a cheeky minidress in her youth made anyone tremble

Mexico. Irma Serrano, “La Tigresa”, in her youth raised sighs among the gentlemen and through the years continued to captivate them with her beauty and personality, She also showed her sensuality and talent as an actress and singer.

An image of “La Tigresa” circulates on the Internet in which she appears modeling a cheeky minidress in his younger years and surely with that outfit and all the ones she wore she made anyone tremble.

Unfortunately, Irma Serrano died on March 1, 2023, at 89

And just like that image, others of “La Tigresa” always appear in which it comes out how beautiful she was when she was young and above all it shows the great body she had and everyone admired her.

Irma Serrano is one of the figures of the Mexican show business who since her youth managed to succeed on stage as an actress and singer and intervened in dozens of Mexican cinema films.

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Santo contra los zombies, El extra, Tiburoneros and El Zurdo are just some of the first films in which Serrano participated when he was between 26 and 30 years old, and he continued to film others that were screened nationally and internationally.

Irma Serrano “stole” everyone’s attention, since in addition to he had a maddening look and a unique personality that made her stand out from many other stars of her time.

Currently Mrs. Serrano is 87 years old and managed to succeed from a very young age in the movies, theater and television, she also recorded several albums and toured many places in Mexico, much of the United States and other countries and in those years she was the feeling.

According to information in her biography, this lady of the scene established herself in the 1960s as one of the most important Mexican artists of all time and was always characterized as a fighting woman, and between 1994 and 2000 He also ventured into politics and was part of the Senate of Mexico.

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Irma Serrano, “La Tigresa”, currently remains away from the world of entertainment and for several years has lived in Chiapas, her homeland and regarding her health in several interviews that have been done, she has commented that she is perfect.

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