Lady Di and her haircut that will reign in the trends of 2022

Lady di He always stood out for his style full of good taste, sophistication and class, but, although there are dozens of outfits that became famous, no one forgets one of his haircuts who simply made a difference in his time and in his life, that same will be very much in trend this 2022, Find out what it is!

In AmericanPost.News We remind you that Princess Diana became a fashion icon in the 70’s and 80’s, and even after her death, she is still in force!

Previously we told you that Diana Spencer could be murdered by royalty; However, now we will tell you what her hair look is that this year will become very fashionable, do you dare to wear it?

Lady Di’s haircut that will be a trend this 2022

Lady Di. Photo: Diana and Carlos. Photo:

The most famous look of Meghan Markle‘s mother-in-law was a classic haircut that had a small fringe with short hair, and although it was for this that she marked the history of her life in fashion, well, she looked incredible, after her death some of her loved ones assured that this hairstyle was cause for her laughter and jokes.

The comic reason for this look is because on one occasion his close friends told him to wear a long blonde wig over it so that Prince Charles would think it was Camilla from Cornwall, because, as you know, these two always kept a extramarital affair.

To these comments, Princess Diana always reacted in a relaxed and fun way, and despite this, she never changed her hair style, apparently she loved it!

What is Diana’s haircut called?

Diana and Carlos. Photo:

This look is known as ‘Bob chop’ and although it is not one of the favorites of 2022, if it is worn with many waves as it was used in 2010 and thus, it is well seen, and one of its main characteristics is that it gives a look disheveled and elegant that fascinates many, in addition, of course it is super practical.

It is important that, for the same style of Princess Diana with this cut, it must be at the level of the jaw, due to its asymmetrical shape, which leaves the hair longer in front and shorter at the nape, for that reason, it is very flattering for triangular, round and oval faces, so now you know, if you have this type of face and want to look more beautiful than ever in 2022, this could be your new look.

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