Lady Gaga reveals if she would play a character in the MCU

Actress and singer Lady Gaga He is in one of the most acclaimed positions in the entertainment world, because after the success of ‘House of Gucci, he has become one of the most influential stars of the moment.

Because of this, the interviews with the star do not stop, and during one of those he was asked about a topic that no one had asked him about, however it was one of those that everyone wanted to know.

It turns out that the famous actress and singer revealed if she is in her plans to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and her response left her fans even more anxious because she did not confirm or deny the fact.

Lady Gaga talks about her arrival at Marvel

Villain Emma Frost would be the ideal character for Lady Gaga

During an interview, Lady Gaga was questioned by Variety magazine about the possibility that she entered the MCU, to which he simply replied that he does not rule it out of his plans but has strict conditions for this.

According to what Lady Gaga said, for her to accept a role the script would have to be exceptional as well as the story, because she is not interested in projects that do not have something significant to say, proof of that was her role in House Of Gucci , one of his best work so far.

Lady Gaga could be a mutant in the MCU

Villain Emma Frost would be the ideal character for Lady Gaga

How we inform you in AmericanPost.NewsHarry Styles will play Thanos’ brother in an upcoming movie, which opened the door for singers to enter Marvel and thus the intrigue about Lady Gaga emerged, as many believe she would be an ideal addition.

Meanwhile the possible arrival of Lady Gaga to Marvel It is still incognito and there have been no further statements on the subject, although in the coming months there could be surprises regarding this issue, since it is said that it could give an excellent interpretation to the mutant Emma frost.

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