Lady Guillén: “Andrea San Martín and Juan Víctor don’t think about their daughter”

The driver Lady Guillen He affirmed that he will continue next year at the helm of his program ‘Dilo fuerte’, in Panamericana. In addition, he recommended to Andrea San Martin and Juan Víctor to put their problems aside and seek professional help.

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“We are full with the New Year’s recordings of ‘Dilo fuerte’ and preparing everything for 2022″ He commented.

Is there news with ‘Say it loud’?

We return with a special summer edition for the family, for the boys who will be on vacation. We will take a turn towards the search for the family in general.

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It was speculated that they would not continue next year.

We returned in January with the blessing of God and the hard work of my team. Our program is a doorway for many people who need to be heard.

Much more so now that there are people who feel that no one supports them or that the authorities ignore them.

Yes. I’ll tell you that we had a case of femicide, the alleged murderer came to say that he was innocent and blamed another man. A few days later, the man I mention turned himself in to the authorities after the program gave this boy an opportunity to defend his innocence. If this boy had not come out to say the name of the real person in charge, he would have been unjustly imprisoned. Windows like ‘Say It Loud’ will always be an important tool for ordinary people.

Speaking of another subject, you who are a lawyer, how do you see the subject of Andrea San Martín and Juan Víctor?

It is unfortunate. What’s more, the program was looking for the version of both. Andrea has told us that she is not going to speak, that she was not going to respond, that was what she told us as a program and Juan Víctor was on another program.

You think the whole situation got out of hand …

Juan Víctor apparently is a father worried about his daughter, showing evidence (audios) and everything. And I say apparently because in the end I don’t really know their truth, everyone knows their truth, everyone defends their version and knows what really happens in their lives. What I do not share and I will never share, is that they, as adults and parents, expose the privacy of their child.

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The audios that Juan Víctor showed leave Andrea in a bad way

The audios are very revealing, very strong and any parent will be outraged. I think we all know how we educate our children, but one has to educate with love, know when to have to be strict in a way that does not harm your children. I think her and his behavior also shows that they are not well emotionally and psychologically. Both of you should take time and see all this issue of your daughter correctly, which is reconciling and, if you cannot, see it from the legal side, but all with the girl in mind.

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In the end, the little girl is the most affected.

I think they both don’t think about the girl, Juan Víctor because of the exposure and Andrea because of the bad attitude to train her daughter, all this has gotten out of control.


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