Lady Guillén on her wedding to Christian Uribe: “We will do something very intimate”

Lady Guillén said that soon she will start preparations for her wedding with her partner and father of her daughter, Christiam Uribe, but she is looking for professional help.

“On February 15 I start with the preparations. The truth is that now I am looking for a wedding planner because I am at a loss as to how to organize myself”, affirmed the host of ‘Say it loud’.

Wedding preparations are a bit complicated.

Yes, I have asked some friends who are already married and they all tell me to find someone to help me.

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And when is the marriage?

At the end of the year, but this 2022 many people will get married. I hope I find someone to help me in the organization.

You’re going to throw the house out the window…

We’re going to do something super intimate. Until a few months ago, when everything was more controlled, I had the idea of ​​doing something a little bigger, but now everything has changed again with the third wave.

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Yes, the wave of infections has increased.

The important thing is to be in good health so that everything comes together, so let’s think first about taking care of ourselves.

As is known, television manager Christiam Uribe asked Lady Guillén twice to marry him and the last one was on the program “Reinas del show”, where the lawyer was also one of the participants.

Uribe appeared as a surprise on the program, with a ring in his hand, to ask her again to marry him and said that he lost the first engagement ring when he went to wash his car.

Both sealed this new commitment with a romantic kiss and a dance on the track of ‘Reinas del show’.

Lady Guillén: “In ‘Dilo fuerte’ we continue with our window open for everyone”

Lady Guillén, host of ‘Dilo Loud’, clarified that they did not have vacations because ‘we need to keep our window open’.

“We are from Monday to Friday, at our usual schedule of 3 in the afternoon. Being live allows us to further develop the needs in their various situations. Working with more links, journalistic investigation and now with the latest news, of what is happening in our country, developing it from the starting point to the end“, he pointed.

They had no vacation.

No, we left long with the conviction to continue with our window open for everyone.

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Are you competing with ‘Love and fire’ and ‘In the background there is room’?

There will always be competition. But our essence as a program is the hard work of an entire wonderful team. We start in the afternoon, and people love us at that time. The truth is that the reception has been good, we will always be grateful to the public that see us.


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