Lady Guillén will continue to lead ‘Say it loud’: “We will take a turn”

The host Lady Guillén started a new season of her program ‘Say it loud’ and said that she will continue with her space on Panamericana Televisión because ‘it is a window for those who need to be heard’.

“In the program on December 31, all the previous format was broken and now we return to our usual schedule of 3 in the afternoon”, The lawyer also pointed out.

Are there several changes to the program?

This is a special summer edition, for the whole family, for the kids who will be on vacation.

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Will they continue to resolve conflicts?

We will take a turn towards the search for the family in general, we will go directly to solve the conflicts at home. It will be the true reality.

It will be a version of ‘Say it loud’ …

Yes, we will also have joy to share among our viewers. Our window is a door for many people who need to be heard.

Lady Guillén marks distance from Laura Bozzo with her new talk show: “We will not profit from people’s pain”

“We will never profit from people’s pain,” says Lady Guillén, who returns to the small screen with her program “Say it loud,” from Monday to Friday on Panamericana.

“‘Say it loud’ is a modern talk show, obviously without neglecting the essence of helping people to resolve their conflicts”, he pointed.

When you talk about talk shows, you think of Laura Bozzo. Will ‘say it loud’ be similar?

There is no comparison with what Mrs. Laura Bozzo did, never, it is a time marked by much disgust of Peruvians and it cannot be repeated, we cannot profit from people’s pain or take advantage of people. There is no case that is acted, there will be no actors here. We are productive, not negative. In addition, it will have its touch of entertainment.

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Won’t there be fights on your show?

There will always be conflicts, but with respect and trying to solve that controversy. In the program we are going to have the doors open for everyone, we are not going to focus on a single issue, for example DNA, alimony or possession, no. We are going to touch everything, I think we need to give the opportunity to raise our voice to everyone and with their different problems. Everyone has the right to knock on the door and we have a duty to open it so that they can speak and try to help them. We are a window for people to solve their problems and have a new life.


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