Lagos de Moreno: know the magical town in Jalisco where Aleida Núñez was born

Jalisco.- A January 24, 1981 Lakes of Moreno, Jaliscogave birth to the actress and model Aleida Araceli Núñez Flores, who has expressed her pleasure in visiting the city ​​named magical town on November 16, 2012.

Although the interpreter of Yazmín García in the Televisa telenovela “La fea más bella” has the ability to travel the world and visit top-level destinations, returning to the magical town where she was born and spent the first moments of her life is an activity like none other for her.

But how well do you know Lakes of Moreno, Jalisco? If your answer was “little”, or “I’ve never been”, then we will make a guide to the places you should visit yes or yes when touring the city where the beautiful Aleida Núñez came to the world.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, in its publication named “Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco”, the magical town is located in the northeast region of the entity; It stands out among visitors for its historic center and its famous bridge over the Lagos River, which were named World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

If you have never traveled to the place, you can do it in your own vehicle or passenger truck. If you choose the second option, we recommend you take it in Guadalajara; Leon, Guanajuato or even in Aguascalientes.

Already in the magical town you can stay in a variety of hotels that fit all budgets, such as Hotel Lagos Inn, City Express Lagos de Moreno, Hacienda Sepúlveda, Casa Madera, Hotel El Mesón, Hotel Posada Real, among many others. Remember that, as in all regions, the price depends on how far in advance you book your rooms and the season of the year.

In Lagos de Moreno you can enjoy tours, charrería, buildings such as the Asunción Parish (where Aleida Núñez posed for a session), barraco-style architecture, among many other attractions.

Other essential places during a visit to the city are the José Rosas Moreno Theater, which is more than a hundred years old; the Rinconada de la Merced, a square with two levels; the Temple of Calvary, the Hacienda Sepúlveda and many more.

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Do not miss the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Aleida Núñez in the next summer vacation, or on the bridge that the SEP has marked between Friday May 27 and Sunday 29.