Lalo Mora reappears and affirms that he is sorry

  • Lalo Mora reappears after scandal and affirms that “he is sorry”
  • Carmelita Salinas calls it “garbage”
  • They report him after touching his fans

He apologizes for his behavior. The northern music singer Lalo Mora apologizes for his behavior after being evidenced touching his fans inappropriately; the singer affirms that he “feels very sorry” for his attitude, offering his apologies to all the women involved.

Go that things got quite complicated for the 74-year-old singer after several videos began to be broadcast in which the nicknamed the “King of a thousand crowns” appeared touching the bust of one of his fans while she was taking a photograph with the singer.

Lalo Mora reappears after scandal and apologizes for touching his fans

Lalo Mora reappears after scandal and apologizes for touching his fans
PHOTO: Reform Agency

After this, the singer Lalo Mora began to rain endless criticism and accusations in this regard, stating that it was not the first time that this happened, since previous months, and in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, he appeared kissed his fans after a concert in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Faced with this wave of criticism, the singer had no choice but to offer an apology, speaking for the first time about what happened and confessing that he felt very sorry for the situation, asking the media to please “apologize” for these actions.

“I feel very sorry”; Lalo Mora reappears after scandal and apologizes for touching his fans

"I feel very sorry";  Lalo Mora reappears after scandal and apologizes for touching his fans
VIDEO: YouTube

Through the show program “El gossip”, on the Multimedios television network, the singer spoke exclusively and spoke about this controversy, which was harshly criticized both on social networks and by various media.

And it is that with short words, hiding behind that “I did not have much time” since he was in the recording of a music video with the group “Los Rojos”, the singer of norteña music apologized for this behavior: “There they excuse me for all means, I feel very sorry ”.

Apologizes; Lalo Mora reappears after scandal and apologizes for touching his fans

Apologizes;  Lalo Mora reappears after scandal and apologizes for touching his fans
VIDEO: YouTube

According to the UNO Tv portal, during the interview, Lalo Mora did not mention to the admirer in question that he wanted to kiss or that he touched inappropriately, nor much less about the women who condemned his behavior on social networks, since afterwards he only apologized due to to which he already had to retire:

“I want you to understand me with all my soul, you also excuse me because right now we are making a video,” concluded the singer after announcing that he was very sorry after the video in which he appeared playing inappropriately went viral to one of her young fans.

“You are a garbage” says Carmelita Salinas to Lalo Mora

"You are garbage" Carmelita Salinas tells Lalo Mora
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After these images of Lalo Mora were revealed inappropriately touching the fan and before the singer offered his apology, the Mexican actress Carmelita Salinas did not hesitate to give her opinion on the matter and began to cross out the “King of the thousand crowns ”as“ complete garbage ”:

“Mr. Lalo Mora, you are rubbish,” said the former deputy in the morning program of Televisa “Hoy” in a forceful way. “Who are you, filthy pig, to do that with all the ladies?” Asked the producer of “Adventurer”. With information from the Mexican portal El Universal. VIDEO HERE

They denounce the singer Lalo Mora for ‘groping’ his fans

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Complaint Lalo Mora. They put a stop to it! After being caught touching his followers inappropriately, regional music singer Lalo Mora was denounced by a Mexican legislator. This in order to prevent this type of act from happening again with the musical artist.

The person responsible for this complaint was Pedro Carrizales better known as “El Mijis” who is currently a legislator of the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, went to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to denounce the group singer, for the ‘groping’ to the women who admire him, according to El Universal.

They denounce Lalo Mora

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“El Mijis” came this Saturday morning to the headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office, after videos in which Lalo Mora, who originally made himself known with “Los Invasores del Norte”, circulated on social networks in previous days. he touched his followers in an inappropriate way.

It should be remembered that previously it had generated another controversy, after the 74-year-old Mexican regional music singer, Eduardo Mora, better known as Lalo Mora, was seen not only taking pictures with them, but also kissing and groping with his fans, lifting endless criticism about it.

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Through his Twitter account, Mijis mentioned that he went to denounce the Mexican artist: “Lalo Mora came out as an“ Invader ”but from the body of women. It cannot be that in front of so many eyes they are sexually abused and nobody does something. What if it was your boss, your wife or your daughter? Today I denounced him, next week I am going to Congress to propose “labor castration,” he wrote on social networks.

In an interview, the activist stated that: “It is not the first time (Eduardo Mora) has done it, there have been many and what we are trying to do is that violence against women is not normalized, that it does not become customary. If you don’t believe me, you can get on the subway and ask the women about harassment ”.

At least ten women have been touched

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The Mexican activist Pedro Carrizales Becerra assured that there have been several victims who have been touched by Lalo Mora when taking a picture with him. At least ten women have suffered this type of harassment by the singer.

“We cannot allow, I hope that with this all the women who have been victims of this person, are encouraged to denounce”, were the words of Mijis who no longer supports this kind of acts by the former member of the group Los Invasores de Nuevo Lion.

“The King of a Thousand Crowns”

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Lalo Mora is 74 years old and is the author of songs like “Laurita Garza”, “The king of a thousand crowns” and “La Tumba sera el final”. It is originally from Nuevo León and very popular in the group genre. After passing through that group, Lalo Mora began his career as a soloist, where he continued his success. In recent months, the singer has been criticized for sexual harassment of his fans, as happened with Vicente Fernández.

For his part, Pedro Carrizales started in the world of politics in a very controversial way, as he is a social activist after being a gang member in his youth. The legislator announced that he suffers from cancer, after the birth of his baby, with whom he went to the FGR to file a complaint against Lalo Mora, according to El Universal.


PHOTO: Instagram

Previously, a video of the former member of Los Invasores de Nuevo León was circulating, inappropriately touching one of his followers who only wanted to take a photo with him. The controversy arose after taking the snapshot when Lalo grabs one of her breasts, surprising the young woman, according to El Universal.

Also at the end of July, the singer from Nuevo León, Lalo Mora was seen kissing his followers in the city of Aguascalientes, after he had performed in concert on Saturday, July 17, and what could have been a meeting Between fans and artist, it became a scene of kissing and touching.