Lalo España and the moving message with which he said goodbye to Octavio Ocaña: “I can’t stop crying”

On October 29 he lost his life Octavio Ocana, actor behind the character of “Benito” in the comedy series “Neighbors”, causing a commotion not only among the public, but also among his stage companions, who did not hesitate to send their condolences to the actor’s family. Such was the case of the actor Lalo Spain, that with a heartbreaking message he gave the last “goodbye” to his friend, Here we tell you the details!

After the news of the tragic death of Ocaña spread like wildfire through social networks, several actors that make up the cast of “Neighbors” took on the task of offering condolences to his family, and without a doubt, Lalo España’s farewell was the one that caused the greatest stir.

Through your Instagram account, the famous person who plays “Germán Martínez” published an emotional message with whom he shared the pain he feels for the departure of his partner and friend:

“We are undone. I can’t sleep, I can’t stop crying and shaking. RIP Octavio Ocaña, our beloved Benito in #Neighbors“, Spain wrote to accompany the a photograph of Octavio Ocaña in which he is seen from the beginning of the series, to the present day.

Likewise, he tried to give comfort to the loved ones of the actor who died at 22 years of age: “My condolences to his parents and sisters. A big hug full of love. Thank you for so many laughs and for sharing your angel, ”he highlighted.

Lalo’s moving “goodbye” unleashed a wave of comments not only from the actor’s fans, but also from various personalities from the artistic milieu who had the opportunity to meet Octavio, including Raquel Garza, Carmen Becerra, Mauricio Mancera, Yuliana Peniche and even Ariel Miramontes, the famous man behind the character of “Albertano”.

“What a disgrace. I send you a big hug to your heart my Lalo ”,“ Friend, I’m very sorry. I send you a big hug. My condolences also to Octavio’s family ”and “Very unfortunate, all my love for your family and friends”, are the responses that the famous got under his message.

Octavio Ocaña, better known as “Benito” for his role in the Televisa series, “Necinos”, would have died this Friday when he was traveling in his truck in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico. According to the first reports, the actor was shot after police instructed him to stand up and ignore, being left lifeless inside a gray truck, while the two people who accompanied him were arrested.

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