Lana del Rey could take legal action against Lorde for “taking too much inspiration” from her songs

Singer King’s wool could take legal action against the also interpreter Lorde, after she was supposedly “inspired” “too much” by two songs by the American when conceiving a song from her latest album, Solar power. According to the newspaper The Sun, Del Rey would already receive royalties on account of his indirect involvement in the matter “Stoned at the nail salon”, but now she would like to be officially credited as one of the authors of said court.

As the aforementioned media assures, the two songs that would have been slightly plagiarized are “Wild at heart”, from Lana’s 2021 album Chemtrails over the country club, and “Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have”, from his previous album Norman F Rockwell, released in 2019. More specifically, the similarities would be found in the main melodies of both tracks.

A member of the personal circle of King’s wool has assured the newspaper that the singer-songwriter benefits from a percentage of everything generated by the song of the New Zealander, since the lawyers of both reached a preliminary agreement to resolve the dispute. However, now Lana would demand Lorde that he publicly admits that he took those sound elements without permission to definitively settle the issue and avoid a legal conflict proper.

“The conflicts between Lana and Lorde They have not stopped intensifying in recent times, but the truth is that no one from their respective teams wants justice to have to take part. What nobody misses is the enormous resemblance between the theme of Lorde and the two songs by Lana, and the latter wants to vindicate her creative role in all this, “said the informant.

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