A catastrophic landslide in Ecuador’s Alausí leaves at least 16 dead and 16 Injured

On Monday, at least 16 people were confirmed dead and an equal number injured in an avalanche that occurred on Sunday in the city of Alausí, located in the Andean region of Ecuador.

On Monday, at least 16 people were confirmed dead, and an equal number were injured in the landslide that occurred on Sunday in Alausi, in the Andean region of Ecuador.

Ecuadorian authorities reported that half a thousand people had been affected, 22 have been affected, and seven have been reported missing.

The Secretariat of Risk Management detailed the actions taken in response to the landslide of great magnitude that occurred on Sunday night, March 26, 2023, in Alausi and has left 16 dead and 163 homes affected.

The natural disaster alert was issued through the ECU 911 account at 21:48 on the night of March 26, thus confirming a series of distress calls and images shared on social networks.

The institution reported, with updated data up to 08:04 this Monday, March 27, 2023, the balance of the affectations at ground zero.

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  • 16 people dead
  • 163 homes affected
  • 16 people injured
  • 7 people missing
  • 500 people affected
  • 150 meters of road affected
  • 25% of the public lighting network is affected.

In this context, the Secretariat of Risk Management detailed the actions already taken.

The Fire Brigades of Alausí, Chunchi, Guano, Cañar, Riobamba, Guamote, Píllaro were activated. In addition, rescue and search teams from Quito and Cuenca were activated.
The Public Forces of Riobamba and Alausí are assisting in the disaster area to control order.

  • The people rescued alive were treated by medical personnel and transferred to health centers.
  • Hospitals in Alausi, Chunchi, and Guamote were also activated for this purpose.
  • The Ministry of Transportation and Public Works closed the Riobamba-Cuenca road.
  • Three temporary shelters were activated: Casona Municipal de la Parroquia Matriz, Coliseo de Guasuntos, and Coliseo de Sibambe.
  • 100 beds, 100 mattresses, and 100 sleeping kits have been mobilized to assist the affected people.

Due to the landslides, Ecuador’s president, Guillermo Lasso, informed through his Twitter account that he has ordered the activation of units of the Secretariat of Risk Management to support the victims.

“Due to the landslides in Alausí, I have ordered the immediate activation of @Riesgos_Ec and all State portfolios. At this moment, firefighting teams from Guamote, Chunchi, Riobamba, and Cuenca are being mobilized to assist affected citizens,” the president said on his Twitter account.