Landslide in a cavern in Brazil leaves nine firefighters dead

Nine firefighters died underground.

Photo: Konstantin Hoshana / Dept of Geography / Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Getty Images

Sao Paulo, Oct 31 (EFE) .- Nine firefighters died underground and one person was rescued alive after being trapped inside a cavern for hours that collapsed this Sunday in a city in the state of Sao Paulo, official sources reported.

The accident occurred at dawn, when a group with 28 civil firefighters carried out training in the Dos Bocas cave in the city of Altinópolis, located about 360 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo, and part of the cavern collapsed, leaving a dozen people trapped inside.

According to the Sao Paulo Fire Department, one person was rescued alive and admitted to a hospital in the region with multiple fractures and hypothermia, while the other nine trapped individuals, who have not yet been identified, did not resist. to the injuries and died in the event.

About 75 firefighters and first responders worked throughout the day in search and rescue work at the scene.

“The rescue is very difficult due to the condition. It is more than a kilometer to get to the premises. There was a collapse of part of the grotto and we are working very cautiously to also preserve the lives of the teams, “the institution’s spokesman, Commander Rodrigo Leal, told reporters.

The Military Police also reported that six people were injured when the cave collapsed, but were never buried and were transferred to health centers with minor injuries.

The firefighters were trapped in the cave.

The São Paulo Government, for its part, deployed two helicopters and a group of rescue specialists to “reinforce the relief work”.

“I closely accompany the rescue of civilian firefighters who were trapped in the collapse of a cave in Altinópolis” and “determined all the support and resources necessary for the rescue,” said the governor of São Paulo, Joao Doria, on his Twitter in Glasgow for the UN COP26 climate summit. EFE

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