Laporta spoke of the chaotic situation of Barcelona

Barcelona president Joan Laporta presented a grim picture of the club’s financial situation on Monday, saying its debt had risen to 1.35 billion euros ($ 1.6 billion).

Laporta blamed the previous Josep Bartomeu administration for the club’s “dramatic” situation that ultimately led to the departure of Lionel Messi. Laporta accused Bartomeu of countless “lies” and said that he and his board of directors must be held accountable.

According to Laporta they are -532 million dollars of negative value in Barcelona

The president of Barcelona spoke of the horrible situation of the team. Photo: AP

Laporta said the club had losses of 481 million euros ($ 567 million) and was left with a negative net worth of 451 million euros ($ 532 million), making it difficult to negotiate with players.

“Our salaries represent 103% of the total income of the club. That is between 20% and 25% more than our competitors, ”Laporta said at a press conference. “We have found ourselves in a difficult situation to renegotiate the contracts of the players.”

Barcelona’s debts with players and with banks

Laporta sweated the fat drop when he released the club’s financial statements. Photo: AP

The club lost star player Messi to Paris Saint-Germain this month because they were unable to give him a new contract that conformed to the strict financial regulations of the Spanish league’s fair play.

The club’s debt included nearly 390 million euros ($ 460 million) related to player salaries, Laporta said. More than 670 million euros ($ 790 million) were debts with banks, while some 40 million euros ($ 47 million) were linked to member losses. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic was 91 million euros ($ 107 million), he said.

President of Barcelona signaled by the situation

Joan Laporta looked tired at his press conference. Photo: AP

Laporta was one of the targets of some fans in the first game of the Spanish league on Sunday, when they defeated Real Sociedad 4-2. Outside the Camp Nou there were banners criticizing Laporta and accusing him of not doing enough to retain Messi.

Some also criticized Bartomeu, who recently published a letter denying any wrongdoing during his administration. Bartomeu resigned last year amid financial difficulties and its consequences with Messi.

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