Larry Hernández responds to criticism: He sends a strong message

  • Larry Hernández responds to criticism
  • “I am not here to tell you lies”
  • He says he would never lie with something as strong as disease

“It was pretty hard for me.” Singer Larry Hernández revealed the consequences that the coronavirus left on his body, also responding to the comments and criticisms that he was constantly receiving, in which it was stated that the singer “was not as sick as he said a lot.”

It was several weeks ago when it was announced that the singer Larry Hernández along with his wife Kenia Ontiveros and their children had been infected with coronavirus, however, the most serious had been the singer, who had to need oxygenation to be able to breathe correctly.

It reveals the main consequences that it had after being infected with Coronavirus

It reveals the main consequences that it had after being infected with Coronavirus
PHOTO: Instagram

After this, the singer, once recovered, commented through his Instagram stories one of the main consequences he had after catching this terrible disease, stating that he had lost around 24 pounds and even commented that he could not even if he wants talk:

“I have not bathed in more than 10 days, I can not speak by order of the doctor and go out for a few days to be able to walk a little”, the singer commented at that time through his social networks, affirming the critical condition and complicated in which he had been after contracting COVID-19.

The criticism that Larry Hernández received

The criticism that Larry Hernández received
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However, and to the surprise of many, several days later, the singer, Larry Hernández already appeared preparing to work, where he even gave the news accompanied by a hint for all those who believed that Larry was not going to free her, singing to them a song as a hint.

This news was a great surprise for many Internet users, since for them, it was not long ago when Larry affirmed that he could not even speak, questioning whether he was really so serious: “Pure show this guy, so quickly he recovered that already is singing and pulling “,” How quickly they forget God and give thanks for health, which is the most precious thing. This guy has always been noticed to be very pushy. Humility is a treasure that few have ”.

Larry Hernández decides to respond to criticism in a video

Larry Hernández decides to respond to criticism in a video
VIDEO: Instagram

Given these various criticisms, Larry Hernández decided to respond to most of these comments through a video, in which he stated that overcoming this disease was very difficult and that he would never lie about such a sensitive issue as coronavirus infections, stating that everything what he said had been true.

In his video, the singer was showing his exercise routine, while lifting several weights and affirming that one of the main consequences that he had after this disease was the loss of muscle mass: “I tell you quickly that now that I got COVID, I Everything that was the arms and legs became thin and it was very hard, having worked all these months and that this disease will throw you away ”.

“I’m not here to show you anything”; Larry Hernández responds to criticism

VIDEO: Instagram

Larry Hernández said that fortunately he was well and that he was able to move forward: “Thank God I’m fine, I’m telling it, because I did see it hard, but yes,” the singer commented through his video published on his account from Instagram.

Later, Kenia Ontiveros ‘husband would respond to all the criticisms that were hovering about whether it was really as serious as much, he said on social networks: “Many tell me, because there are some videos that I have uploaded and they say’ hey, what not was he so skinny? ‘ Well, I think I’m not here to prove anything to anyone, or tell anyone things and lies ”.

“If I tell you that I lost 23 pounds, it is because I did”

"If I tell you that I lost 23 pounds it is because I did"
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After this he ‘lashed out’ against the critics who claimed that a few days ago he claimed that he had lost a lot of weight, when at present he was already several extra pounds: “If I tell you that I lost more than 23 pounds, it is because obviously yes I lowered them ”, before this, he commented that his weight returned because his mother was taking care of him together with Kenia, keeping him well fed.

“Obviously the body is so cab # $% and obviously you recover again and more because I had a week with my mother visiting me and eating at ease, of course I am going to start to regain the pounds again”, he commented responding to the criticisms that received.

“I am not here to tell you lies”; Larry Hernández responds to criticism

"I am not here to tell you lies";  Larry Hernández responds to criticism
VIDEO: Instagram

“I think there are people who say without knowing, who say ‘oh, you weren’t dying’, ‘oh how quickly he recovered’, ‘surely it was all a circus’, the ugliest point of this is that you did not see no image of me wearing a respirator, because it was my decision not to upload it, “replied Larry Hernández to the constant criticism he received.

Given this, the regional music singer affirmed that he was not there to give them lies about anything: “So, each person takes this film to the level they want, I am not here to tell them lies, or to play with such a serious illness, and my respects to everyone, but I think we are in an era where it is easier to express an opinion without knowing ”. Filed Under: Larry Hernández responds forcefully to the criticism he has received

“Why don’t you write to me that you feel happy that I recovered”

"Why don
VIDEO: Instagram

Later, in his video, Larry Hernández commented that why not, instead of filling it with criticism, they were happy because he was able to recover and did not go to more fatal consequences: “Okay, you were dying and you’re going to work, hey mijo, well I have to work, if I’m recovering so fast, thank God ”.

“Why don’t they write to me better, thank God you recovered soon, no, ‘oh, surely it’s pure circus, oh that’s a pure lie, oh it wasn’t so bad’, it’s not okay, my respects for those who think different, I am not here to lie to you, much less am I to play with my health, “concluded Larry Hernández when responding to the criticism he received lately on social networks. Filed Under: Larry Hernández responds forcefully to the criticism he has received

“I’m not forced to keep quiet about anything”

VIDEO: Instagram

At the bottom of the video, where Larry Hernández came out to answer all the criticism regarding his illness, the singer posted a message, where he asked Internet users to be more aware of what they put on social networks, since many times they are not they know what is really going on:

“THANK YOU. It had to be said and it was said I AM NOT IMPOSED TO SHUT UP ANYTHING AND WE NEED AND WE URGE TO BE MORE PRUDENT WITH WHAT WE SOMETIMES OPINION ”, he commented in his video, which already contains more than 191 thousand reproductions so far. Filed Under: Larry Hernández responds forcefully to the criticism he has received

Followers support him

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Before this video, where Larry Hernández responded to all the criticism, his more than a million followers did not want to remain silent, and showed their support for the singer, stating that people only spoke for speaking:

“People write and say without knowing, everything affects them, to see if they will say the same the day that God saves your touch, Blessings were already missed”, “You do not have to give explocations here the faithful love you and pray for your health and that of your family, thank God you came out of this “,” Buy a piggy bank and save your humble opinions larry I’m glad to see you already giving to the GYM. “

Respond to criticism

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Among the criticisms that rained the most to Larry Hernández, were some where they highlighted that he really was not so sick, and that everything was put on a show, which the singer responded through his video on Instagram: “Oh yes I was dying haha , it happens, what people do for likes “,” instead of waiting and staying at home so as not to infect anyone, in short, what people do for a like “

“Seriously, this man does everything to attract attention, if he had a bad lung disease, the worst thing he can do is take cold, and he also walks as if he was swimming so fast.” Filed Under: Larry Hernández responds forcefully to the criticism he has received. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE

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