Larry Ramos, ex-partner of Ninel Conde, would be lifeless, suggests Argentine journalist

Mexico. Larry Ramos, ex-partner of Ninel Conde, would be lifelesssuggests the Argentine journalist Maximiliano Lumbia in an interview with fellow journalist Jorge Carbajal for his YouTube channel.

Larry Ramos is a fugitive from justice, this after facing several lawsuits for allegedly having defrauded many people, and after being sued and being captured, he escaped from the authorities in the USA and was never heard from again.

But the journalist Maximiliano Lumbia shares his hypothesis with Carbajal: “He would no longer be alive, he is not a fugitive from justice, but he would not be on the earthly plane, apparently there is the hypothesis that he would have been betrayed in the flight and no longer be alive.”

Lumbia clarifies that what he points out is unconfirmed unofficial information, but it has been shared and he thinks that people Larry trusts “could have betrayed him, they promised to help him escape and they could have made him disappear…”.

“Start investigating Larry Ramos, he might not be alive, I speak in potential, I do not affirm it, but I do open the door to an investigation by colleagues to see if this man is really hidden or disappeared, “adds Maximiliano.

Larry Ramos, accused of defrauding many people with millionaire figures. Photo from Instagram @chismeevivo

Larry, who is originally from Colombia, was accused of fraud by more than 200 people, including the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán, that is why he was sued and captured in the USA, but after wearing a shackle he took it off and escaped from the authorities, it was shared months ago, since then nothing is known about him, in addition to being accused of fraud to several people, he is also accused of circumventing legal measures and escaping.

According to information in several media outlets, the escape of Larry Ramos, originally from Colombia, occurred on September 1 cutting off the ankle shackle that was imposed on him to monitor your movements 24 hours a day.

Singer Ninel Conde and Larry Ramos got married in October 2020 and months later the persecution against him began, who was captured and placed under house arrest by paying 10% of the bail, which had several restrictions and pointed out that he could not leave the house. your home except for a medical emergency.

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Larry was forbidden to go near an airport and As a precautionary measure, his passport and credentials were withdrawn.also requested a special permit to walk on Brickell Island, took shelter to be able to go to the gym near his apartment, and it was made public that these outings were possibly key to his escape, since he was able to plan an escape.

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