Larry Ramos, husband of Ninel Conde, puts the house in someone else’s name to avoid being repossessed

The Colombian Larry Ramoswho is married to Ninel Count and has been a fugitive from justice for several months, he continues to give a lot to talk about, by making himself known details of the various debts he acquired for bank loans that he never repaid.

According to the program ‘Gossip No Like’which was the medium that broke the news, the ‘Bombón Asesino’ heartthrob swindled two banks in his country, Banco de Bogotá and Banco de ITAÚ, for 5,140 million Colombian pesossomething like $1 million 340 thousand dollars.

He asked Banco de Bogotá for a loan for $2,500 million Colombian pesos ($650,000 dollars)but his lack of payment and response led the banking institution to report him and seek to collect the debt with the property he had in Valledupar, but they could not do it, since the house was put in someone else’s name.

“Larry is still a fugitive from justice. One of the properties that he was going to seize in Colombia was put in the name of another person so that it could not be seized ”, it was reported in the show program headed by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain.

Larry Ramos repeated his modus operandi with Banco ITAÚ, from which he requested a couple of loans for $2,640,000,000 Colombian pesos ($688,000 dollars)but he didn’t pay them either.

The heavy debt that it acquired with ITAÚ led the authorities toAttempt to repossess his four high-end sports carsbut once again Larry got away with it as he hid them very well so no one could find them.

“The document talks about timely resolving an embargo on four luxury cars that he had in his native Colombia. Once said precaution is issued, it will be decided to completely remove the properties. This done, Larry would have five days to pay and 10 days to propose to fix the damage. A judge signed the order on May 16, 2018, but sources from that country confirm that the seizure of the cars was not carried out because they were well hidden, that they were never found”, detailed ‘Gossip no Like’.

As well as this couple of cases, the YouTube program shared other frauds that the South American businessman would have committed and that put him in the sights of the United States and Colombian authorities.

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