Last day of the blue moon: assembling your diet according to the phases of the moon can help you lose weight

Astrological phenomena govern many aspects of our life. It is no coincidence that since ancient times there has been a faithful belief about the influence of the moon on the tides and the behavior of human beings. In fact, traditional medicine mentions that the moon has a strong influence on physical and emotional health, in fact there are those who say that it is a great time to accelerate weight loss. Broadly speaking, the moon diet consists of taking advantage of the lunar cycle to benefit weight loss, recharge energy and promote the body’s purification process. Although there are many versions, this time we took on the task of compiling the best dietary recommendations to lose those extra pounds on this blue moon.

Surely in the last few days you have listened to exhaustion about the expected blue moon. ‘Blue’ is the name given to the second full moon of the month, which happens approximately every 2.5 years and, originally, at the third full moon when in any season of the year there are four full moons instead of three. So this moon is special because of the extra value of the opportunity to contemplate two full moons in a month. According to information from NASA, the color of this moon does not change to blue; however, it is observed more pale gray and white, which in many cases makes the sky look more blue. Although it is a special event, rare and curious Due to its infrequency, it does not imply any change or alteration in the lunar cycles.

Derived from the influence of the moon on our behavior, the faithful belief about its powerful effects for weight loss has arisen. That is why some general dietary recommendations that conform to the lunar calendar and that are related to great benefits to accelerate metabolism and purify the body.

Specs per day: Blue Moon Diet

Sunday August 22

The full moon is a stage that requires a good dietn, to accumulate energy and forces that are required naturally after the changes that the full moon brings. Therefore, it is a time that requires rest and self-care, it is important to ensure adequate nutrient consumption and maintain good hydration. It is also a good time to start with new purposes and establish dietary adjustments, through the consumption of diverse, fresh and healthy foods. It is important to avoid overeating.

– Bet on the consumption of freshly prepared, light and hydrating food. Integrates nuts (specifically almonds).

– Avoid sweet and salty foods in excess, they can cause fluid retention.

Increase your intake of natural fluids. Consumption of freshly squeezed natural fruit and vegetable juices is recommended to provide the body with additional nutrients and energy. They also benefit debugging. Bet on abundant infusions, you can add honey but not with other sugars.

Eat only fresh and quality food. Food of plant origin will be a great ally, bet on fresh vegetables and fruits, porridges and herbal teas are very good. A good recommendation is to bet on some elements of Japanese cuisine such as steamed rice and seaweed. Spices and medicinal herbs are also a great ally.

– The consumption of beans, legumes and barley. Avoid products like cabbage, garlic, eggs, dairy, red meat, cold cuts, and long vegetables. Also try to avoid caffeinated tea, coffee, and alcohol.

Monday 23 August

– The food should be abundant but not in excess. Avoid meat, mushrooms, and legumes. The ideal is to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, light soups and porridges, preferably integrating whole grains full of fiber. Fish is allowed. During this lunar day the blood regenerates, so it is the perfect time to integrate turmeric and ginger, In fact, the best drinks to consume throughout the day are infusions with these two powerful medicinal spices.

– At night (not long before sleeping) drink milk with turmeric and fennel.

– During this day, complex carbohydrates are a good ally to gain energy, which favorably influences the nervous system. Some good recommendations are whole wheat bread, oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potato. Avoid industrial and sugary pastries.

– The waning moon is a time of internal and external cleanliness, it calls for activity and energy production. Therefore, you can eat more healthy and satisfying foods, without gaining weight.

Tuesday, August 24

– It is a good day to give ourselves peculiar tastes, without overeating. It is important prepare something special, unusual, tasty and ignite our creativity. Any food and red wine is allowed in moderation, some good recommendations are comfort foods such as pasta or rice with vegetables.

– Specifically, grapes and exotic fruits are very favorable.

Wednesday August 25

– The main product of the day will be walnuts, integrates its consumption in a generous way. They will fill you with energy, taking into account that it is an optimal day to get stronger after the energetic changes of two full moons.

– Avoid meat and strong drinks. A little red wine is allowed and it is recommended to integrate the consumption of healthy vegetable oils like olive and avocado.

– The active element of this day is fire, therefore it is recommended for a greater balance increase fruit consumption, which favorably influences the sense organs and the psychic ones. Bet on the consumption of seasonal variants: apples, pears, mango, berries, bananas, peaches and plums.

Thursday, August 26

– It is an important day to maintain a light diet and consume delicate foods. Any overload can have damaging consequences. Among the best food options for this day are: pomegranate, round vegetables like squash, potatoes, cabbage, and tomatoes. Avoid long vegetables like carrots, eggplant, cucumber, and celery.

– It is also a great day to give you a break from animal products and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, they promote cleansing and are associated with benefits to fight inflammation.

Friday August 27

– The consumption of all foods is recommended, with except for red and processed meat. It is important to consume fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, to have a lot of energy.

– One of the main aspects is that the food must always be fresh and freshly prepared, to obtain all the necessary nutrients.

– During this day it is especially relevant avoid excess sodium. Therefore it will be best to avoid butter, ham and cold cuts, bacon, canned goods such as tuna, cheeses and dairy.

Saturday August 28

– This day red products are recommended such as pomegranate, blueberry, beet, carrot, cherry, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries and freshly squeezed juices.

– It integrates the consumption of tea and herbal infusions to cleanse the blood and purify the body of liquids, salts and retained fats.

– Eat generous foods of plant origin, avoid alcohol, refined flours and sugary foods that overload the liver. It is also important to take good care of excess salt. You can integrate the consumption of light and lean meats such as fish, turkey and chicken.

Remember that throughout the week it is important to increase the consumption of liquids, which are of great help to invoke the power of the moon in our favor. It is also essential for stimulate kidney activity and it will allow the body to lose excess water. This removes toxins that build up in the body due to unhealthy food, poor digestion, and stress. This scheme not only helps to lose weight, it provides a detoxifying effect that it will significantly strengthen the immune system.

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