Last goodbye to former Progreso police officer murdered in Playa del Carmen

On Saturday afternoon the ex police from Progress who was shot to death in Playa del Carmen.

This is Luis Fernando QR, 46 years old, who belonged to the Municipal Police of Progreso and also worked as a road expert in Playa del Carmen.

This man originally from Progreso was a victim of organized crimesince it was learned that he was shot to death on Halcones Avenue with CTM from the ‘Villas del Sol’ subdivision, after he boarded his truck outside his seafood business.

The subject was shot in Yucatan. Family and friends say goodbye to Luis Felipe.

The well-known commander ‘Cuervo’ was allegedly extorted by criminal groups and at refusing to pay the so-called ‘floor fee’ was riddled with bullets when he left his business.

The events occurred on February 10 around 6:30 p.m. and it was not until Saturday that the body arrived from Playa del Carmen and was handed over to his relatives.

Last goodbye to former Progreso police officer

Family and friends say goodbye to Luis Felipe.

After the body was transferred to the port of Progreso, Dozens of people, including family and friends, accompanied the body to its final resting place, in the General Cemetery of Progreso, where he was buried.

It should be noted that the former police officer was retired after dedicating 15 years of service to the security forces, both in Progreso and in Playa del Carmen and had a seafood restaurant in the aforementioned subdivision, so it is presumed that the reason for his murder was the ‘floor charge’.

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