Laszlo Kovacs will be a gigolo in Maricucha and highlights the talent of Patricia Barreto

Laszlo kovacs is happy to return to acting through comedy ‘Maricucha’ and have the opportunity to share scenes with Patricia Barreto. In this Del Barrio Producciones project, he will play ‘Gianluca’, a gigolo who never worked and is lucky to live a rich life because he is married to Tete Corbacho.

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The truth is that I am grateful for this opportunity that they have given me, it is the first time that I am part of their productions and I feel at home. This is a job designed for the public to have fun, have a good time and especially in these times that we need it so much”, He expressed.

In introducing the characters, Michelle Alexander said that yours was a gigolo, a playboy, the papyrus, a guy who never worked.

(laughs) Not so much, well yes a little. The thing about Gianluca is that he never worked in his life, he finished school with Tete and they got married right away because she got pregnant and, well, she had her money, but let’s say she was already running out and she has never worked. He is irresponsible, he is competing with his son, he thinks he is 18 years old, he never grew up and matured. I’m really having a lot of fun with my teammates and Patricia Barreto is great.

Your look has changed a lot, you did a little ‘retouch’, at the conference you look rejuvenated …

No, nothing, they just changed the color of my hair a little and that’s how it was. I think it is good to assume with their lines of expression and also because it helps the actors (the physiognomy), because it gives character to the character. Maybe I look different because I lived these two years of pandemic in Tarapoto, in contact with nature, maybe that makes me look different at my 43 years.

Laszlo Kovacs says the series comes at a good time because the viewer needs to laugh and at 43 years old swears he did not do any retouching.

It does not seem that you were that age, do you plan to have a family?

Look how the world is with this pandemic, no, but who knows what the future holds for me, for now I have my dog, who has already been with me for ten years, of course, I know it is not the same, but there is a responsibility to take care of it. Perhaps the day I am gone, I am encouraged to take that step, I do not rule out anything, but at this moment I do not see myself in that role, what I do know is that I could adopt a child.

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We are also going to see you in At the bottom there is a site that even in repetitions has a good rating, it is as Mrs. Fraysinett said, that the series was for more seasons, she thought there would be eleven …

Yes, and that makes me happy because I also feel like there was something unfinished there and it will be very fun to see my compadre ‘Pepe’ again and do ours.

You are going to ‘double’ and multiply when recording in Maricucha and Al fondo.

No, precisely that was discussed at the beginning with Mr. Jurgensen. Maricucha finishes recording in March and then joined with Al fondo, I estimate that it will be two weeks in which we will surely coincide in the recordings, but it will not be complicated, everything is already square.


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