Yahir’s son, Tristán Othon, joins “La Casa del Talento” reality show, and continues to produce materials for OnlyFans with Erick Zepeda

Tristán Othon is very excited because the reality show, somewhat unknown, in which he participated will be broadcast shortly.

In a video call with Javier Ceriani, 52, and Elisa Beristain, 50, owners of Chisme No Like, Yahir’s son talked about his new projects.

It turns out that Tristan Othon, 24, has prepared an erotic video with musician Erick Zepeda, 31.

The material will be available in the OnlyFans of Yahir’s son, who assures that he uses the platform to pay his expenses.

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Tristan Othon, son of Yahir, with Erick Zepeda. (@carmona_dl / Twitter)

Yahir, 43 years old, taught the boy to pay for his things, so he pays the rent, electricity, and stuff with what he generates by showing his body in Only Fans.

Yahir’s son will participate in an unknown reality show

On the other hand, Yahir’s son is very excited because soon, “La Casa del Talento,” the reality show where he participates, will be aired.

“La Casa del Talento” is a reality show that will be broadcasted on YouTube and is aimed at social networks. The main theme is to find love but also to discover talent within the urban genre.

Tristán Othon, who assures that he feels closer to Yahir because his father was also in a reality show, is motivated by this project.

Tristán Othón, son of Yahir, shines dancing
Tristán Othón, son of Yahir, shines dancing (@tristan_gss / Instagram)

At the same time, he is grateful for the opportunity that life gives him because keeping busy keeps him away from vices. Let’s remember that the young man has problems with alcoholism and drug addiction.

“Leisure is the mother of all vices. I used because I had nothing to do, I had no job, I wasn’t going anywhere,” he says.

He thanks Erick Zepeda for including him in his musical tour since he is learning all about staging, which keeps him busy. “I’m not using, thank God, I feel very focused,” he stresses.

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Tristan Othon, the son of Yahir. (@TRISTAN_GSS / Instagram)

Tristán Othon has a bad relationship with his dad, Yahir

As Yahir stated, the relationship between father and son is bad. In fact, it doesn’t exist at the moment.

Tristán Othon confesses that he does not have time to communicate with his father, whom he considers a great and noble human.

The one who has caused problems has been me. We haven’t talked much about communication“, he says, assuring that his priority now is to redeem himself through music.