Latin American millionaires who are in the Bloomberg ranking

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index is a daily ranking of the richest people on the planet. The ranking includes people from all over the world and is headed by Elon Musk, the South African businessman who is a nationalized American, with a fortune of $213 billion dollars.

The list shows the fortunes of entrepreneurs who have reached the pinnacle of success and there are also Latin American highlightswhich with their companies have occupied important places for years in the ranking.

One of the most representative is the Mexican Carlos Slim, who in 2012 led the Bloomberg ranking with $65.4 billion, with money generated by its various communications, banking and mining services businesses, among others. On that occasion Bill Gates was in second place with $59.7 billion.

Nowadays things have changed drastically, Engineer Slim is still the richest Latin American on the listbut far from the first position led by Elon mUsk, the owner of Tesla, Space X and Neuralink, among others.

In the Bloomberg list there are Latinos who remain in the ranking due to the performance of their companies and their perseverance. They are definitely not the majority but they are present among entrepreneurs who have been successful in the field of international business.

Next, the 10 best positioned Latin American entrepreneurs in the Bloomberg ranking:

1. Name: Carlos Slim

Position in the ranking: 14
Fortune: $69.1 billion
Country: Mexico
Industry: Diversified in telecommunications, banking, construction and others

2. German Larrea

Ranking position: 39
Fortune: $31.1 billion
Country: MEXICO
Industry: Raw materials

3. Iris Fontbona and family

Ranking position: 59
Fortune: $22.8 billion
Country: Chile
Industry: Raw materials

4. Jorge Paulo Leman

Ranking position: 72
Fortune: $19.9 billion
Country: Brazil
Industry: Food Drink

5. Ricardo Salinas

Ranking position: 153
Fortune: $12.2 billion
Country: MEXICO
Industry: Banking, TV, furniture stores, among others

6. Alejandro Santo Domingo and family

Ranking position: 182
Fortune: $11.1 billion
Country: Colombia
Industry: Food Drink

7. Eduardo Saverin

Ranking position: 192
Fortune: $10.4 billion
Country: Brazil
Industry: Technology

8. Marcel Telles

Ranking position: 226
Fortune: $9.33 billion
Brazil country
Industry: Food Drink

9. Luis Sarmiento

Ranking position: 244
Fortune: $8.75 billion
Country: Colombia
Industry: Finance

10. Carlos Sicupira

Ranking position: 280
Fortune: $7.96 billion
Country: Brazil
Industry: Food Drink

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