Latino boy is killed point blank; dreamed of being an actor, appeared on the show Law & Order

Latino boy is killed point blank;  dreamed of being an actor, appeared on the show Law & Order

Jayquan Lewis Sanchez

Photo: Family Photo / Courtesy

Jayquan Lewis Sanchez, 21, a young man of Latino origin aspiring to be an actor who had appeared as an extra several times in the TV show Law & Order (Law and order) was shot and killed in a Bronx deli, in New York.

The crime occurred on Friday around 4 p.m. (local time in New York) at the business BH gourmet Deli in Fordham where the young man was shot several times by a subject who without a word killed him at point-blank range.

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Security cameras at the scene captured a man with dreadlocks, dressed in a white tank top and denim shorts, when he shoots at Lewis Sanchez repeatedly.

Lewis Sanchez He was standing in front of the counter with another man and then fell to the ground due to the impacts as seen in the video released by the New York Post.

After shooting Lewis Sanchez, the attacker leaves walking as if nothing of the deli.

Lewis Sanchez He received a total of seven shots, three in the chest, three in the arm and one in the stomach, for which he was pronounced dead at St Barnabas Hospital.

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So far the police are still looking for the murderer so the motive is unknown.

The victim’s mother, identified as Marisol Sánchez, noted that his son was an aspiring actor and had appeared several times as an extra in the police drama Law & Order. While on IMDb he has credits for a 2019 movie titled Joyland.

Sánchez, 43, told the NY Daily that her son had been with celebrities.

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Lewis Sanchez he had recently decided to become a nurse and was supposed to start classes in September. Marisol Sánchez, 43, shared that the last thing she heard him say was: “Mommy, I’m going to the store to buy something to drink, do you want something?” To which the woman of Hispanic origin replied “Hurry, you know I don’t want you on the streets“And that before leaving, Lewis told him:”Mommy, I love you, I’ll be back“.

Minutes later, Marisol Sánchez received the news of what had happened to her son, so she went to the place where she saw the agents who were carrying out resuscitation cardiopulmonary their son, but they could do nothing for him.

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