Latino family of six “miraculously” saved from fire in building in Bronx

The Bronx fire left 17 people dead.


The 17 fatalities of the fire in a building in the Bronx were due to intoxication and those hospitalized face the same problem in their battle to survive, so It was “a miracle” that a Latino family of six managed to escape the smoke caused by the fire.

With the help of the elements of the FDNY, Cristal Díaz, her 49 and 65-year-old aunts and three cousins, escaped from their apartment on the 15th floor, which was full of smoke, according to a report in The New York Times.

“We don’t know what to do right now, and tomorrow I’m supposed to work,” said Díaz, who works as a cashier.

The 27-year-old woman said Diaz arrived two years ago in New York from the Dominican Republic and managed to escape the accident only with her phone and identification.

He told the Times he was having coffee when the fire occurred.

“I thought, ‘Will this be the last time I enjoy coffee with my family?’” She recalled in shock.

He added that his relatives are staying with friends, although like other survivors they may have access to help from local and state governments after the fire.

The fire was caused by a bad electric heaterBut the fire and smoke spread through a defective door that did not close due to missing safety springs, suggested by Mayor Eric Adams.

“We have a law here in the City that requires the doors to certain buildings to close automatically. We are following up through investigation with the fire marshals, who will be extremely thorough. We promise a serious and in-depth report on what caused this tragedy, ”he said.