Latino killed his wife, his two children and committed suicide in West 86th Street apartment, Upper West Side

Edison Lopez allegedly ends the lives of his wife, Alexandra Witek, and sons in Manhattan, leaving the community in shock and sorrow.
  1. A once-joyful Manhattan family’s life takes a dark turn, resulting in an unexpected and heartbreaking incident on West 86th Street.
  2. Contrasting images from Alexandra Witek’s social media depict happier days, raising questions about the unseen struggles families face.
  3. As New York City grapples with this tragedy, recent violent incidents elsewhere in the city underscore a concerning trend.

Heartrending images on social media paint a vivid picture of Alexandra “Ola” Witek, 40, and her two young sons – Lucien, 3, and Calvin, 1 – in happier times. A mere few months before this portrait of familial love was captured, authorities now say they were victims of a horrifying domestic incident.

In one poignant photo dated January 3, Witek can be seen holding her two boys close to her heart on a park bench. “They’re the best,” she had lovingly commented on the image, replying to a friend’s admiring note. Other pictures from years gone by showcase her joyous moments, be it grinning at the edge of a scenic cliff or cherishing moments with friends.

Tragic Incident Unfolds on the Upper West Side

This week, a grim discovery was made at the family’s West 86th Street apartment. Police found Witek and her two boys fatally stabbed in their fourth-floor residence. The evidence suggests that Edison Lopez, 41, Witek’s husband and the children’s father, may have killed his family before taking his own life. The extreme nature of the attack was such that the two young children were mistakenly identified at first.

Surprisingly, there had been no previous reports of domestic disturbances involving the family. An old photo shared by a friend depicts Lopez, all smiles, standing as a groomsman, a stark contrast to the tragedy that was to come.

The alarming situation was brought to light when Lopez’s father, unable to contact the family since Sunday, reached out to Witek’s younger brother. On forcing entry to the locked apartment, they were met with a gruesome scene. The authorities, upon arrival, discovered Lucien and Calvin in the living room while Witek’s body lay in the hallway. Lopez was found in a bedroom. Multiple knives were present at the scene, echoing the brutality of the act.

The apartment door was locked from the inside, adding to the mystery of the motive behind such a shocking act. While the family had no known criminal past, and there were no prior police visits to their residence, the community is left grappling with the enormity of the loss.

Increasing Concerns in NYC

This incident on the Upper West Side is not an isolated one. Just recently, a 29-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man lost their lives in a stabbing incident in The Bronx. Additionally, in Brooklyn, a mother faced a tragic end, and her two children, aged 3 and 5, were gravely injured after a brutal hammer attack by a man sharing their apartment.

Seeking Assistance

In such trying times, it’s essential to reach out for support. If you or someone you know needs help:

  • Call: 988 or 1.888.NYCWELL(1.888.692.9355)
  • Text: “WELL” to 65173