Laura Bozzo fled to save her life, in prison she is clear that she would have bled to death due to her suffering

Last August a search and arrest warrant was issued against Laura Bozzo in more than 190 countries and his whereabouts were a real mystery since he was not turned in to the authorities after be sentenced to preventive detention for tax evasion as a result of the sale of a property that had been previously seized by the tax administration.

Throughout your flight, Laura Bozzo has kept in touch with her followers through Twitter and now he has announced on this same platform the definitive suspension of the arrest warrant after having paid his debt to justice: “I went to court and what was requested was paid”, has added.

Too has assured that he fled only to save his life because he would not have been able to deal with “the confinement” due to clinically diagnosed depression. The prospect of going to jail did not cause her much concern, because she knew that she would have been surrounded by her “people,” whom she loves, but her health problems made it against her to do so.

“I had an open stomach for a year, I had to heal every day. I have to take care of myself every day, I have to take care of my diet because I have diverticula that, if they explode, I bleed to death, and so on many things. I had to defend my life ”, He has affirmed in statements to the ‘Gossip’ program.

Laura’s plans now include organizing a press conference to present the evidence of her case and also grant an exclusive to journalist Ciro Gómez Leiva to expose the truth about the “Lies and insults” that he has endured in recent times.

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