Laura Bozzo publishes a photo with Daniella Navarro and admits her mistakes: “What I said about Daniella was horrible, I’m not like that”

Laura Bozzo published a photo on her Instagram account with Daniella Navarro, her closest friend, while they were both inside “La Casa de Los Famosos.” Still, the relationship fractured the night the presenter left the reality show due to the Venezuelan’s nascent relationship with Nacho Casano.

Now that both are out of the competition, things seem to have calmed down after the meeting they had in one of the program’s galas, and in this publication, Bozzo admitted his mistakes and apologized to Navarro:

“Only those who have lived through this painful experience can understand that it brings out the best and the worst in people. My mask was always that of a warrior who, in the face of pain, attacks so as not to cry. That’s Laura in America, but I must admit that what I said about Daniela was horrible, I’m not like that, and I feel it in my soul because the best I got out of this game was meeting her. I am nobody to attack less to judge for that and more I want to tell you that I am sorry that I wish you the best and blessings @daniellanavarros ”, was the message that Bozzo dedicated to him.

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In the reunion of both outside the program, tense moments were experienced because it was unknown what would happen when they were face to face again. They hugged each other with great emotion, and Bozzo expressed what he felt and why he reacted as he did because of Navarro’s relationship with Casano:

I just wanted to protect you. I swear to you, I swear to you. I just wanted to protect you. I felt like I don’t know… I don’t care, you know I’m crazy, and I don’t have problems with anyone’s sex life. That was not what attacked me: I feared they would hurt you. Panic. Because that monster for me is… Mom, I missed you.”