Laura Bozzo, Salvador Zerboni and Daniella Navarro are happy again in ‘The House of the Famous’

Salvador Zerboni, Laura Bozzo and Daniella Navarro returned to settle their differences within ‘The House of the Famous’ and they gave each other a big hug.

During the last days within the Telemundo reality show, the trio had had differences and discussions for various reasons. Much began after Zerboni and Navarro went to the suite while he was the leader of the house two weeks ago.

There they had a very romantic approach, where Navarro ended up kissing her on the neck and chin after he approached the pool table where she was sitting.

Days after, It seems that Navarro was upset with Zerboni for an approach he had with Ivonne Montero when he was nominated for elimination. Thus, things heated up.

Zerboni even had a very strong argument with Bozzo, and between screams she reacted and many people attacked the television presenter of Peruvian origin for the way she was treating Zerboni.

Now, Zerboni, Bozzo and Navarro have made peace again after a few stormy days between them. They talked about it in one of the rooms of the house.

“I ask you both, I beg you both: do not put me in the middle. The problems that the three of us have are faced by the three of us without involving those… because they are enjoying it”, said Daniella Navarro.

After the conversation, the three hugged each other and Navarro said that he had insulted Zerboni a lot and he stressed that it did not matter, that he knew what the two of them were like and that he loved them that way. “Like mother like daughter,” said the actor.

The conversation ended with laughter, with Zerboni on one of the beds while Navarro and Bozzo tickled him.

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