Laura Bozzo takes the lawsuit with Brenda Zambrano in The House of Celebrities 2

The second season of The House of the Famousthey begin with the first altercations between the members, since Laura Bozzo felt annoyed by a comment made by Nacho Casano.

It turns out that Rafael Nieves was named leader of the week, so he had the right to occupy the suite of the house, where there are various amenities such as private bathroom, jacuzzi, pool tableamong others.

That is why, upon obtaining this title, Nieves had the opportunity to share her stay with one of her classmates, which is why she opted for the model Julia Gama, assuring that she wanted to get to know her better.

Altercations between Laura Bozzo and Brenda Zambrano

It is not for less that the women of the house felt annoyed by Nacho Casan’s comments, in the first game, Rafael Nieves won the title of Leader of the week.

Nacho Casano told Brenda Zambrano that he only wants to give himself to Julia, implying that the invitation to the suite had other purposes. This comment upset the former “Acapulco Shore” star, so she chose to talk about it with the other girls in the house.

That is why as soon as the gossip reached the ears of Laura Bozzo, the Peruvian expressed her anger, since she considered that what Casano said was something “macho”. Despite a difficult start, the driver has adapted to the house.

The Argentine apologized.

After all, the Argentine model apologized and assured that his comment was taken out of context, the presenter Laura Bozzo questioned whether his comment would have been the same if Nieves had invited a man to the suite.

“If a man invites another man, you are not going to say that it is to fuck, they are friends. Why is it that if a man invites a woman he has to be for cog*r and they can’t be friends?” she expressed.

It should be noted that he also asked if Casano felt something for Julia Gama, and assured that he would defend the girls in the house from comments like the one he made, since he considers the members as his daughters.

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