Laura Bozzo turned on social networks by showing herself without makeup in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’

The television presenter Laura Bozzo made the networks explode after he came out during one of the broadcasts of ‘The House of Famous 2’ without a drop of makeup. After what could be seen, she is a completely different person than what she is used to seeing.

The critics did not wait because there are many wrinkles on his facefor which they assure that in the photographs he has made excessive use of retouching for images and thus show off a better physical appearance and appear younger.

The 69-year-old Peruvian left more than one with their mouths open after it came out “naturally” in the aforementioned reality show where several celebrities participate, and in the end they all seek to win 200 thousand dollars.

In addition, they have judged her for a series of customary positions in which she has been seen, because in one of them she comes out lying down with her legs spread, another with a bored face, not to mention that they have seen her with canned drinks in her hand that what it contains is not known.

Let’s remember that until about a month ago she resumed her life on the screens, because a year ago I was going through a complex situation with the justice and remained hidden. On her return, she premiered the program ‘Que pasa Laura’ and currently she is participating in one of the most important reality shows of the moment.

Laura Bozzo in ‘The House of Celebrities 2’

However, less than a week after the program started, Bozzo has already had several differences with the actress Niurka Marcos, with whom they have not gotten along on several occasions. In the first meeting they held Laura made the ugly to the also vedette.

I reacted in an immature, hysterical, egotistical way and if I have to go, I will go. But she has nothing to do with this. Niurka really, publicly and in front of all the cameras I ask you to please forgive me because you did not deserve such a thing. On the contrary, you have been very good to me, “said Bozzo.

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