Laura Bozzo would be finishing her collection of branded bags to pay her debts

Although a judge granted this Tuesday, August 24, a provisional suspension against the arrest warrant of Laura Bozzo and imposed the payment of a guarantee of $ 15,000 dollars that must be covered within a period of five days so that the effects of the suspension can take effect. effects, it seems that the driver is raining wet.

It is said that Bozzo would be turning to his prized possessions to get out of the bad moment and that put her collection of branded bags on sale to have money, because perhaps these could save her from stepping on jail in the middle of the legal procedure you face.

“It is rumored that ‘Miss Laura’ is crazy selling her collection of bags brand name to get some money ”, declared the drivers of ‘The fat man and the skinny ‘on the drastic decision.

Through social networks the Peruvian herself I would have presumed that it has bags from different designers like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, as well as clothes that only some big celebrities or members of the royalty could wear.

Laura He is in a complicated legal situation after a prison order was issued against him on August 11 for allegedly having committed the crimes of tax evasion and having sold a property seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) in Mexico.

However, he decided to sell the property for more than $ 600,000 dollars without giving notice to the tax and judicial authorities.

Even Alfredo Adame offered a reward of $ 5,000 dollars for that person who provides him with reliable information about the whereabouts of the driver.

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