Laura Flores left a flight on suspicion of COVID-19: “Common sense won me over”

Despite having permission from the airline, Laura decided not to travel (Photo: Instagram / @ laurafloresmx)

Laura Flores informed his followers that decided to abandon his flight to Mexico City before a possible contagion of COVID-19. The actress told the story through a TikTok and although the celebrity has no symptoms, her son has a risk of contagion.

The also singer began her story by telling that she did not feel full to get on her flight, which she called “Mother’s presentiment”. However, he decided to board the plane. During the period before the flight in which the electronic devices can still be fully operational, Flores received an email that changed everything.

“I am reviewing my mails and I see one that the school sends me, saying that my son was exposed to COVID”He shared with his fans on social media. He stressed that it was only a routine protocol and so far his son has not tested positive for coronavirus.

After a conversation with her partner, Laura Flores decided to show the stewardess email. This, in turn, showed it to the captain of the flight she was going to make. “And they gave me the option, if you feel good, you can go, without problems”, solved the crew of the aircraft.

Despite the fact that Laura Flores had a work commitment in Mexico and that she had permission from the airline, the actress preferred to abandon her trip. On the one hand, she explained that when she was notified about the status of her son, the chances that she can get it too are present. He chose to take refuge in his home in the United States and wait to return to Mexico.

“The other most important, my son. What if he needs his mother to be with him? The wisest thing to do was get off. It feels weird“Flores added about his experience. He took advantage of the audiovisual to apologize publicly, since he will not be able to be present on his promotional dates for his new song, See you again.

Laura Flores is in this cooking show (Photo: Instagram / @ laurafloresmx)
Laura Flores was present in the most recent season of “MasterChef” (Photo: Instagram / @ laurafloresmx)

Laura went to the trouble to excuse herself with the Mexican programs that she will not be attending. “I send you a loving kiss, but common sense won me over. For me it is more important not to expose absolutely anyone and to see for my family ”, finished his TikTok.

One of those affected by the absence of Laura Flores was The sun rises, the morning of Imagen Televisión. Drivers said Show They applauded the actor’s attitude in taking care of herself and those around her.

It should be noted that the program The sun rises has two of its drivers as positive cases. On the one hand, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who confessed that he was infected by having made a trip to Cancun at the end of the year. “It feels like the Canelo Álvarez would have given you a madriz * of those “, said the entertainment journalist

gustavo adolfo
Gustavo Adolfo Infante was infected after traveling to Cancun (Photo: Twitter)

Similarly, Paulina Mercado also tested positive for COVID-19. The presenter mentioned that she began to feel unwell and immediately went to the clinic to get tested. Upon hearing the news, he isolated himself in his room, away from his relatives. Mercado noted that his first symptom was a headache.

The celebrity Laura Flores was not exempt from contagion during the past year. The actress was part of the coronavirus patients who lived inside MasterChef Celebrity. Flores said that daily tests were done before recording, so testing positive took her by surprise. “I was very concerned and It gave me a lot of nerve, since even though I am vaccinated, one does not know if it will get bad or not “, he narrated to TV and novels.

After giving the negative result on August 22, Laura Flores got rid of COVID-19. However, he stressed, that he had some sequels that lasted longer. “The taste returned to me, but I still don’t get my smell back one hundred percent”, He confessed at the time.


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