Laura G’s son ends up in the hospital; the driver is devastated

Undoubtedly, Laura G has been characterized as one of the most controversial hosts of ‘Venga la Alegría.’ However, the famous one shares her day-to-day life through her social networks, as well as some details of her motherhood.

Let us remember that Laura G married Nazareno Pérez Brancato in 2016, whom she has referred to as her great love. Because of this, they formed a beautiful family with two children.

The presenter has always assured us that her main engine is her family and the great home she has created with her husband because she shows how she develops as a mother and at work through her social networks.

Laura G got the shock of her life

Laura G’s son ends up in the hospital

But now, she has surprised her more than 3 million followers since this Saturday, September 10, she had a tremendous scare with her son, who unfortunately ended up in the hospital due to an accident at home.

The driver shared in her Instagram stories the moment she lived in her home when she opened all the drawers because she was naughty and a chest of drawers fell on top of her finger, so she got a big scare.

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Laura G’s son ends up in the hospital

“Everything was going perfect on my Saturday until (my son) opened all the drawers and the chest of drawers fell on top of his finger. The good thing is that it wasn’t a fracture, and as always, @infectopediaari saved me. Thank you, my doctor,” he wrote.

Hours after revealing that her son had a minor accident for which he did not need further medical assistance, Laura G assured everyone that everything was fine: “Everything is fine this Saturday. The scare is over.”