Colorado shooter’s mother, Laura Voepel, was caught on video racist talk against Mexicans during a Frontier Airlines flight

Laura Voepel, the mother of Anderson Lee Aldrich, the accused shooter at an LGBTQ club in Colorado, hurled racial slurs at two Mexican female passengers during a Frontier Airlines flight.

Disturbing video emerged of alleged Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich and his mother hurling racial slurs at fellow passengers after a flight to Denver in July.

Frontier Airlines passenger Maria Martinez captured cell phone footage of Aldrich and his mother, Laura Voepel, during the heated confrontation in the terminal on July 31, KDVR reported.

The video posted by the station begins with Martinez asking Voepel about a racial slur directed at Mexicans.

“What makes me a beaner?” she is heard asking.

“Shut the fuck up!”, Voepel curtly responds.

“What makes me a beaner?” Martinez asks again.

As he continues to follow the pair, a person believed to be Aldrich tells him, “You keep following me, and I’m going to fuck you up.”

Anderson Aldrich may face murder and hate crime charges for allegedly killing five people and injuring 17 others at the Q Club.

Although the overweight person wore a mask, Martinez and his daughter Kayla Martinez said they now recognize the person as the non-binary suspect in the deadly mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

Tanya De La O, a friend traveling with the Martinezes that day, claimed Voepel began using racist language immediately after landing.

“I was having a hard time getting my luggage down (from the overhead bin), and suddenly, I heard this woman say, ‘Hurry up beaner!’ And then I turned around and said, ‘Excuse me?” she told KDVR.

Frontier Airlines passenger Maria Martinez captured video of Aldrich and her mother during the heated confrontation.

She told the media outlet that an African-American man tried to intervene to calm the situation, but Aldrich hurled a racist slur at her.

“He also told him to shut the fuck up, motherfucker,” De La O told the station.

De La O said he also remembers a chilling comment Aldrich made as he was getting off the plane.

“I wish I could shoot them all right now,” he said they muttered.

Martinez said Aldrich was a “very hateful person, just evil.”

Kayla added, “Like if I was in his presence, I could feel the hate. It seems like he has hate at the bottom of his heart.”

Maria said her “friend said, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a mass shooter. And it was scary to think that.”

De La O said she did not doubt that Aldrich picked up on her mother’s hateful behavior.

“I can see where she gets it from. She’s the one who started the racial slur… It was obnoxious. The whole flight,” he told KDVR.

“She literally had the crew pull out a young woman with her baby sitting behind her because she (Voepel) was complaining about the baby, and the plane hadn’t even taken off yet,” De La O added.

Maria said she tried to complain to the cabin crew but was told to call a customer service representative, who told her to write the complaint.

“We had a conflict with a mass shooter that is very scary and traumatic. Yes, it’s surreal,” he told KDVR.

Aldrich has not been formally charged but may face murder and hate crime charges for allegedly killing five people and injuring 17 others at Club Q.

On Wednesday, the suspect appeared dazed, bruised, and bloodied in court, apparently from the actions of the two people who held him until police arrived.